Download Stickman Fighter Infinity v1.55 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Stickman Fighter Infinity Mod APK is a fighting game where heroes of impressive strength compete to find a winner. The battle takes place in different locations that you cannot miss.

Stickman Fighter Infinity attracts players to the exciting experience of using the power of heroic characters to defeat enemies in combat. Players will quickly grasp the game’s control mechanism and try to develop the characters’ potential. Also, in some cases, characters can transform to achieve a more powerful attack state.

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Stickman Fighter Infinity


In Stickman Fighter Infinity, players will transform into a stickman character with an appearance similar to a superhero in Marvel. Surely players will feel excited about this, and the battle in the game takes place as a 1vs.1 match. So in the process of opposing each other, one side will try to take down the other by deducting all HP. The two sides will constantly use their skills to destroy the opponent, and of course, victory will bring certain satisfaction.

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Players will control the character with two hands with different control buttons. A slider lets you move left to right, and buttons on the right side of the screen are used to jump, block, and trigger different attacks. At the same time, the recharge can be done with the click of a corresponding button, and the player will quickly be able to grasp these elements. In addition, in a 2D environment, it is often more convenient to move and locate enemies.

Stickman Fighter Infinity


In Stickman Fighter Infinity, players will be able to find characters with different strengths, and the ultimate goal is still to win against the enemy. You will control the character launching different attacks, and your enemies will have various resistances and abilities that you will need to be careful of. At the same time, you will need to choose the right time to charge up and use skills appropriately.

Regular attacks won’t consume too much mana, but certainly, special skills will cost a certain amount. So, if you want to deal massive damage to enemies continuously, you will have to have enough mana and find time to recharge. The downside of this loading is that you can only stand in one place and can receive surprise attacks. In addition, you should also be careful with the enemies you meet in the game.

An interesting point when you join this game is the number of places you will be able to go through, and there, you will meet different powerful enemies. Specifically, each location will have many levels that you must pass, and you will pass through many different locations. You also imagine the journey you will have to go through in this game, and of course, you will try to increase your ability to confront other enemies.

Stickman Fighter Infinity


When you experience Stickman Fighter Infinity and complete the level well, you will receive a certain amount of money. Money will often be used to unlock characters with new skills. So, players will be able to unlock their favorite characters, and there are characters inspired by the Marvel universe that you can’t miss. After opening, you continue to get acquainted with the power they possess.

Each character possesses impressive looks and potential that you will need to explore. This exploration helps you create different and effective attacks on enemies, which is often found in fighting games. At the same time, the game also introduces an exciting mechanism that is transformed when the character’s energy point reaches 400, and the influence of skills and attacks will be significantly improved. So choose the right time to change the status.

Stickman Fighter Infinity

The fighting battles attract players entirely:

  • Diverse character system with some inspired by the Marvel universe, and you will join them in battles to defeat enemies with power.
  • There are different types of attacks, from basic to special ones, and this distinction often comes from the character’s energy consumption.
  • Energy can be recharged anytime you want, but you must choose the right time because recharging requires you to be still.
  • The game takes players through many different locations, and each location will have challenges that force them to complete to the fullest.
  • The character system attracts you as you will collect enough coins to unlock them, and they can do transform to gain a powerful status.

Stickman Fighter Infinity v1.55 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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