Download StoryBeat v3.8.2.2 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

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StoryBeat v3.8.2.2 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Storybeat brings you a huge treasure trove of music that makes videos or animations. When you have pictures, videos but have not found an application to insert music, come to us, you will own many unique features. This will be a place to keep your wonderful and impressive moments. Not only that, hundreds of effects, stickers, … are waiting for you to explore.


Coming to this world, you can use many different filters to change the style and color tone of videos and images according to your preferences, context, and content you want to convey. Hundreds of additional filters are available for you to choose and apply. In addition, magnetic to dynamic stickers are also designed to create the current trend. Sample collections arranged in certain layouts with diverse styles are also displayed for users to unleash their creativity.

Storybeat – Story Maker with Music and effects Storybeat – Story Maker with Music and effects


Referring to Storybeat, how can we not mention millions of famous songs, even though we own the most legendary songs of the era. Especially, no matter what genre you like, we have no shortage from pop, rock, rap to electronic, R&B, and country… Not stopping there, this collection is expanding without limit as it is regularly updated with many new, hottest songs. Now, you can enjoy immersing yourself in a world filled with music, melodious lyrics, …

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With the music users love, Storybeat allows you to select and add it to your favorite music collection. As a result, you can use it faster next time without having to waste time and effort searching among millions of currently trending tracks. With a completed video, we will automatically save it in memory for you. In addition, you can directly share the masterpiece with friends via social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, even Youtube, Gmail.

Storybeat – Story Maker with Music and effects Storybeat – Story Maker with Music and effects


Not only that, you can add effects to the video to make it more interesting and unique. Specifically, it can be happy, sad, cry, surprise sound effects that will be simulated with precise sound to emphasize your emotions specifically for the video. In addition, Storybeat adds panoramic effects to horizontal photos, or even zoom effects combined with music are also favored for you.


Have you ever thought about recording your voice and inserting it into your own video? Do you think this can’t be done with a simple app like this? Storybeat will surprise users when it has the ability to directly record voice and insert it into photos and videos in addition to taking from your personal library any sound.


The photos will be arranged in order and played in slideshows to create a lively video with burning music. Never before have quiet photos become so attractive and attractive to viewers. In addition, users can convert live photos to short videos with boomerang effects combined with suitable music favored by many users. With just a few seconds of customizing, designing, you have a great video in no time and can be previewed by pressing and holding before deciding to complete it.

StoryBeat v3.8.2.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download

Download (40MB)

Download (40MB)

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