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Storypick is a library with countless interactive stories to immerse players in its unique and romantic worlds. Also, its image quality is top-notch, sketching K-webtoon-style characters that are trending in the world. Each story also combines many elements to differentiate between the plot to give players the best experience with this entertaining and in-depth genre.

Storypick Storypick


When players arrive at Storypick, they are greeted by a library of hundreds of new stories of different genres or styles for them to explore. Each story has a big difference in atmosphere, setting, world, and starting destiny for the player to take their first steps. Because of that, it will have many options for players to enjoy immersed in many fates such as a tragic orphanage or luxurious princess.

What’s impressive is that its library is proactive in entertaining players and constantly recommends new stories or high-quality editor’s choices. On top of that, it will also be based on activities or genres that they are interested in to introduce more similar stories. Of course, players can use smart filters to search for new stories, thereby starting to categorize them by category or compatible concept.

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Storypick Storypick


Every story in the game is developed with many different dimensions or developments to give the player a wide choice in building destiny. Choices always influence that, and players can base on the happenings around them and make logical choices or change things up. Above all, every story in the game has a romantic element, and the player’s life will be turned upside down because of the exciting love element.

Almost every situation or story conversation will give the player more than two different choices, and they both have random effects on the plot. Also, players can build many personalities or make other characters change their attitudes and open new secrets. Of course, every dimension, negative or positive, can be influenced by making choices that match the player’s style.


Storypick also prides itself on the visual quality it brings to players in each story, as the characters are refined, polished, and full of charm. They also have a strong K-webtoon style of drawing, making some characters gorgeous, sexy, and easy to highlight in the plot. Above all, players can choose from various costumes or customize their characters, making themselves beautiful in each situation.

Storypick Storypick


Storypick is a normal library of interactive stories, but it also introduces engaging events for players to submerge themselves in endless entertainment. Events are always perfectly developed and in-depth, packed with outstanding content, and featuring new stories or standout costumes. Players can also get some nice rewards, thereby progressing further in each story and building a happy life.

Storypick will regularly update with new stories or chapters for players. They boast a refined interface, top-notch visual quality, and a wide range of stories for players to enjoy. Best of all, it has an impressive event system that promises players the best expectations and rewards to progress further in each story progression.

Storypick v4.5 APK (Latest) Download

Download (92M)

Download (92M)

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