Download Sugar Smash: Book of Life v3.128.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Sugar Smash: Book of Life gives you an impressive entertainment experience with match-three levels where you can show off your tactical abilities. You will take advantage of boosters or support items to achieve a high score in each level.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life is a match-three game where you will find a variety of challenges that you need to complete. These challenges will increase to challenge players, and there will be many supporting elements and tactics to help you overcome these levels. At the same time, the game also has a leaderboard for you to compete for positions with other players.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life

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Christmas takes place from real life to Sugar Smash with completely unforgettable atmospheres and different welcoming ways. In this game, you will find different events in a row during the big holidays at the end of the year. At the same time, the rewards you find for completing the challenges in the game are also quite impressive. You’ll be able to see Santa’s outfit if you’re lucky enough to finish the game’s event.


In Sugar Smash, players will be taken to match-three levels that are completely fun and contain different challenges that you will complete. It brings moments of light entertainment but is no less arduous for players. At the same time, the genre is entirely accessible to players because of its popularity among many audiences. The rules of the game are pretty simple that anyone can quickly grasp.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life Sugar Smash: Book of Life

You change the position of an element to form a match of three or more elements. They will disappear, and the elements’ position on the field will change. At the same time, you can also create many booster elements to help you complete the levels’ goals in the best way. In addition, the number of challenges you will face will increase, and you will need to use what you have carefully to complete the level.

Like other match-three games, you are forced to complete the level in a certain number of moves and try to collect or disappear what is required. The requirements will become complicated, and you will need to use boosters with different destructive powers to complete the level. Specifically, it can be explosions in a specific area, disappearing a row, or even disappearing elements of a specified color.


Each level in Sugar Smash is evaluated in two ways: points and stars. These two factors have a certain intimacy, and certainly, anyone wants to reach the maximum number of stars. Also, depending on your performance, you will get an absolutely impressive score, and it also brings some competitive elements. Specifically, the game will have a leaderboard for you to know who gets the high score in each level.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life Sugar Smash: Book of Life

You will know your position through the leaderboard and be completely happy when you overcome an opponent. So anyone can replay the levels to improve their score and continue to challenge the following levels.

Players will go on a long journey when passing match-three levels:

  • The number of match-three levels is completely varied with different difficulty levels that you will overcome.
  • Gameplay is entirely accessible to a broad audience and provides a light but challenging entertainment time.
  • There will be elements that make it possible for you to save your moves and quickly collect what is required.
  • Each level has a leaderboard where the player’s results are reflected, and you will be happy when you reach an impressive position.
  • The Christmas event that takes place inside the game ultimately attracts players when it brings the atmosphere of the holiday and the impressive gifts they will collect.

Sugar Smash: Book of Life v3.128.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (90M)

Download (90M)

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