Download Super Bino Go v4.1.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Super Bino Go Mod APK is a game that keeps its players back to childhood with classic style. At the same time, you will also be able to experience the new modern action challenges integrated into the game.

Super Bino Go will be a game that can give its players both new and classic experiences. If you are a fan of childhood action games, this will be a game that you should not miss in the collection. With this game, the player will participate in direct control of his character to be able to confront the challenges and win the final victory.

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Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle


For games designed to be player-oriented, gameplay will be a feature that always needs to be developed. Therefore, the requirements of developing the gameplay of this game are incredibly challenging when it is necessary to meet the requirements of both providing a classic experience and integrating new gameplay. And the game’s developers have done a great job in giving their players a brand new old-fashioned running game.

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With this game, players will seem to be going back in time to be able to experience the familiar Mario games or similar games. Bino’s main goal accomplished inside his game will is to rescue his princess from dangers. But to do this, the player will need to be a really brave person to face the many challenges that Super Bino Go has to offer.

Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle


The ultimate goal that the game has set for its players is to rescue the beautiful princess at the end of the road ahead. But this doesn’t seem to be a smooth road that ordinary people can easily cross just by going straight. Super Bino Go has created for its players a special system with many different challenges so that they can confront and overcome them on the way to the final destination.

Bino will need to pass a very long way with eight different islands divided into 145 unique levels to get to the princess. With each level passed, the player and his character will immediately encounter challenges of more incredible difficulty that they would not have been able to anticipate. You will need to constantly control your character to run and jump over obstacles and monsters to destroy them. Along with that, you need to escape the islands before the time specified by the game.

Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle


Besides giving your players a lot of difficult challenges, playing also gives you certain advantages. With their play, players will not only try to control the character to overcome obstacles and monsters, but they can also find power-up items. Similar to the classic games before it, the different types of extra powers will all be hidden in special bricks that the player needs to break to be able to collect.

With difficult levels, players will need to use built-in powers to be able to overcome challenges more easily. Powers that players will be able to get include “Grow-up” to get bigger, “Fire” to bomb monsters, and “Shield,” which will protect Bino for a limited time. And players will also fully use these special items by using money collected to buy inside the shop.

Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle


In order for players to experience the great features that Super Bino Go possesses, the graphics and sound will be a feature that needs to be carefully invested. So the game manufacturers have researched many different test versions to be able to bring you a perfect graphics and sound system. With graphics, the game assures its players that the images transmitted within the gameplay will always be achieved at the highest resolution quality.

At the same time, the types of sound effects that the game brings inside the game will all describe the actions realistically. And if you are a music lover, the game has also integrated extremely fun music that you will be able to experience inside your play. The interface that the game has designed for its players is highly familiar and easy to manipulate regardless of whether you are a child or an adult.

Super Bino Go:Adventure Jungle


  • The game is designed in a unique style that combines the classics of old running games and a modern action game.
  • The main task that the game poses for players will be highly familiar when fighting to the end to rescue the beautiful princess.
  • Lots of tough challenges are set on the way through 8 different islands divided into 145 levels of tension.
  • Players will receive special support in the game when finding help from carefully hidden items.
  • Graphics and sound are top features developed with great care by the game to give players a realistic experience.

Super Bino Go v4.1.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download (18 MB)

Download (18 MB)

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