Download Super Cats v1.0.135 MOD APK (Map Hack)

Super Cats is a fun action game of the cat world that gives players a variety of exciting levels and unlocks many great game modes. In the game, players will be challenged with shooting and the unique MOBA of cat warriors.

If players have experience with Brawl Stars-style games, they can see that all of those games bring fun gameplay. Along with that development, Super Cats has launched many top game features for players to experience together. In this game, players will be challenged with action shooting cat warriors and make exciting encounters.

Super Cats

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Cats seem to be adorable animals, but it is sometimes horrifying for some cats. If you have never thought about the image of them messing up, messing up everything, Super Cats will let you experience those things. In this game, players will be involved in real-time battles between mighty cat warriors in 3v3.

In addition, players will have to conduct shooting confrontations with their enemies to compete for cards. It can be said that this is an excellent combination of shooting games and MOBA with the participation of cat warriors and taking on those challenges. In this game, players will face many types of cats with guns, causing chaos in this world.

Super Cats


Before participating in the battles in the game, players will have to choose for themselves a cat superhero with the best gun skills. Besides, players will have to compete in real-time combat with super cool cat heroes. Mostly, these battles are all about different types of cats from all over the world. Furthermore, matches usually last for three minutes and are often played as a group of three cats. In possession of tons of weapons, players will control belligerent cats that rush to face hordes of enemies.

Super Cats

In Super Cats, to defeat all of their opponents, the player needs to defeat each of his enemies within 3 minutes in a level and get the help of team interactions. Players only need to use the left finger to move their character and use the other side to point and shoot weapons. Besides, the player is also sets up a special attack button to inflict pain on his enemies in case of emergency.

Super Cats


In this game, when you destroy all the enemies that the challenge creates, your character will have the opportunity to become a cat warrior with extreme superpowers. Besides, when reaching the maximum level, the player will receive more unlimited weapons and have the ability to shoot top-notch guns. Not stopping there, becoming a solid cat warrior, players will quickly confront the enemy. Instead of you spending a lot of energy killing enemies at lower levels, you now have superpowers that can rout them in a short time. Players will admire each of these 17 intellectual cats’ ultimate skills in this game.

Super Cats


Like other games, after completing the game’s challenges, players will unlock many different accessories. Besides, players can team up with their friends to start fierce battles. Moreover, players own each unique weapon and skill that makes you quickly pass the ultimate level. During the battle, players are still allowed to customize the cat heroes with many amazing costumes. Experiencing an exciting 3-minute battle, players will have many opportunities to confront other gamers around the world.

In conclusion, this fun shooting game is extremely interesting for players to experience while improving many skills against enemies and ultimate shooting skills.

Super Cats


  • The game has a fantastic unique combination of shooting and MOBA genres with the participation of special cat warriors, bringing players to be exciting and exciting battles.
  • Choose a powerful superhero to enter battles and compete with many other cat heroes to collect valuable cards that have the function of leveling up characters.
  • The game gives players the experience of many different challenging game modes, from Bounty Mode, which is a PvP battle to find the best cat superhero team, where teams compete to see who can collect more gems.
  • Players can also collect cards to level up their characters and use the system map to engage in battles against cat warriors easily.
  • Fast-paced real-time shooter with 3-minute battles for players to engage in fun battles.

Super Cats v1.0.135 MOD APK (Map Hack) Download

Download (680M)

Download (680M)

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