Download Super Tank Rumble v4.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

Super Tank Rumble is a game that requires your creativity; the different battles require you to assemble and build an impressive tank from the obtained items. Players are creative and confront hundreds of battles.

Super Tank Rumble expands the tank war field of action to many different areas. Players will be able to participate in special competitions where you will create a tank yourself and use them for the upcoming battle. Hundreds of players converge and go head to head for the creator’s championship. You will win the top place thanks to your creativity. Many items useful for assembly work are still waiting for you to find. Conquer them and begin your journey!

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Super Tank Rumble


To make players more satisfied with Super Tank Rumble, the system has adjusted a number of different settings. Instead of logging in with the old method, you can now more quickly sign in with the new method. The time to log in and wait for the system to be censored also takes only a few seconds, less than the old login method. Another change of the system is the renewal of the player interface. We combine essential and essential information into one section that makes it easy to find and open. Therefore, the way to control the puzzle pieces also becomes simpler than with the old version.

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Super Tank Rumble


The fun going on in Super Tank Rumble revolves around the quest to win a head-to-head match against your opponent. The vehicles used are the tanks you create yourself. This motivates players to develop their thinking and creativity. Ideas gradually take shape and overwhelm you. Each created tank has its own unique appearance bold personality, and constantly surprises the opponent. Your own tank collection will be saved as an unbeatable anthology!

Fight with other players in the open air; this is a condition for you to unleash your creativity. It may be a tank equipped with a pair of wings that can fly into the sky or a tank equipped with giant spikes. All of these are great ideas that you should give them a try. The opportunity comes when the victory belongs to your powerful tank, the achievement is recorded, and the opponent is eliminated. But if you are unlucky to get a loss, don’t worry, you can do it again!

Super Tank Rumble


The collection of parts that will be used in Super Tank Rumble has more than 100 different pieces. These pieces will be great items to make your car scarier. A good tank will possess tremendous power that can knock down opponents, and you can also do that if you pay some money to upgrade used equipment. The system will provide all the pieces used in this game and allow you to complete the tank before the match starts.

Your impressive victory will make many people feel admiration. Please share it with your friends and experience this incredibly creative game together. The details used in the blueprints formed will be a valuable reference for anyone who wants to become a master at renovating and creating their own tank collection.

Super Tank Rumble


Super Tank Rumble is empty, giving you a lot of opportunities to be a player with a lot of creativity and imagination. We’ll assist you when performance and installation issues occur. The game is for enthusiasts with the type of puzzle entertainment and combining parts to create meaningful objects. Your improvements will be noted when the head-to-head match determines the winner. The rewards for everyone are calculated based on the durability and suitability of the tank. We look forward to your performance in this fun; version changes will be communicated to you!

Super Tank Rumble


  • Start developing your tank from the items provided by the system in the menu; each item has its own characteristics to make it easy to distinguish.
  • Discovering the functionality and durability of the pieces, you will have to organize searches to get the perfect number of pieces for your assembly task.
  • Grow your winning vehicle collection by participating in many confrontations with other players and show your creativity when assembling powerful tanks.
  • Restore leaderboards based on admirable achievements, complete challenging, and missions for more achievements or extra rewards each wave.
  • Enjoy a great experience from the new system updates; we will provide you with quality images, smooth performance, and fast operations.

Super Tank Rumble v4.9.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Gems) Download

Download (85M)

Download (85M)

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