Download Superfarmers v1.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Stones)

Superfarmers Mod APK – The strangest farm you’ve ever seen! Superheroes can help you manage and build it!

Attention, the Superheroes are looking for assistance from your farm! The Superfarmers works hard to ensure that everyone on the earth can live in harmony and wealth. Where do we stand with the Superheroes? To tell you the truth, the Superheroes are nothing more than idle celebrities; the bulk of the laborious tasks are completed by your self, the Superfarmer.

The game Superfarmers is a simulation of farming, but it’s a unique take on the genre because it features superheroes. The Superheroes require sustenance to continue their selfless actions and good deeds, and it is here that you can lend a hand in assisting them. Develop your farm by raising livestock and cultivating various crops.

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Your citizens are heroes who need a place to live, something to eat, and some fun things to do. Build structures, advance technological capabilities, complete deliveries, and cultivate fruit and vegetable crops. Get elected as the mayor of the megacity!

Every seemingly ordinary thing in this place possesses some exceptional quality. Do you believe that the truck you see is a typical one? No, of course not; it is actually powered by jets and has the capacity to deliver items to any town or city in what seems like no time at all. What do you think of this rusty shed? When you look more closely, you’ll see that it’s an information hub for superheroes that are jam-packed with cutting-edge technology. The health benefits of super vegetables are numerous and impressive. The milk produced by your cow has magical properties, and consuming it can improve one’s superpowers. There’s more going on here than first appears, even with that toad hiding in the wheat field over there.


  • Attend the gathering of all the Superheroes, and sign up for the Super Team!
  • Making deliveries for the superheroes will assist them in their efforts to save the planet.
  • The provision of products via land, water, and air
  • Establish a covert headquarters for the superheroes.
  • Explore uncharted regions of the planet and amass treasures from countries all over the globe.
  • Build a global-scale Superfarm!

Superfarmers v1.14.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Stones) Download

Download (83MB)

Download (83MB)

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