Download Survival RPG 3 v1.12.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Survival RPG 3 – survival fighting role-playing game that always gives players different experiences. Go on an adventure through many spaces and eras, using skills and battling many monsters.

You’re probably no stranger to survival RPG titles currently on the market, but the return of Survival RPG 3 will probably give players different experiences. Players will go on adventures through many different spaces and eras in this 2D game. That’s not all the quests you need to come to this game; you have to explore more dangerous locations and fight dragons of the ages.

Survival RPG 3: Craft Retro 2D

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You will have precious experiences in Survival RPG 3 – the unique survival role-playing adventure game. In this game, players will receive many different tasks and have to go through many dangers to succeed. You will be challenged with seven-story chapters corresponding to 7 different stories. Each story is set in a strange era – a time of brutal wars and adventure to distant times with the equipment you own is also unique.

Survival RPG 3: Craft Retro 2D


Fighting is your main mission when it comes to Survival RPG 3, but getting used to the locations and coming up with unique strategies for your chance to win. We will give you time to complete the side challenges – explore all the spaces present in this game. There are more than 30 dangerous places you need to explore, like dungeons, caves, and even abandoned towns. Observe the surrounding environment and come up with a specific battle strategy.

Survival RPG 3: Craft Retro 2D


During the battle and adventure in many different locations and times. There will be many scenes and environments that make you surprised because of their immense size. When During quests and battles, there are many items left behind by dead enemies or items that suddenly appear as a reward. Collect all of them; until you have collected 220 items throughout the game, you are free to craft them as you like, from weapons or food…


Completing quests can take place over a fairly long time, even spanning an entire era. But you must pay attention to ensure food supply for your heroes, have the strength to defeat the evil dinosaurs. No need to worry if you don’t have enough money to buy food from the store in Survival RPG 3. Take the opportunity to explore different dimensions, collect all the food scattered on the ground. Become a self-sufficient warrior without being dependent on anyone.

Survival RPG 3: Craft Retro 2D


Make sure you don’t have a break when participating in this game. The quests often appear, and especially the monsters always bother you because of their cruelty. Players must overcome countless challenges and must defeat more than 40 different monsters, including dragons and dinosaurs. If you pass any monster, you will have the opportunity to open a portal to the next quest.


In addition to tough battles with hordes of evil monsters, players need to complete the accompanying side challenges. You can collect items by picking them up during battle, but that might miss a few things. Explore and conquer the puzzles present in Survival RPG 3 to receive worthy rewards. These puzzles never run out; they often appear in each of your matches.

Survival RPG 3: Craft Retro 2D


  • Players will take on their first challenge – go on a dangerous adventure as you go through 7 fascinating stories that will lead you to ancient times.
  • Complete the mission of interest number 1 – explore more than 30 dangerous locations such as caves or dungeons, then develop a suitable battle strategy.
  • More than 220 items will appear during the battle, which can be gifts or items left by dead enemies, take them all and make them as you like.
  • Collect more item crafting recipes with more than 85 recipes, search for food throughout the area, and don’t depend on any supplier.
  • Fight tirelessly with over 40 different monsters, including dinosaurs and dragons, defeat them one by one and move on to the next level.

Survival RPG 3 v1.12.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

Download (30M)

Download (30M)

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