Download SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter v3.4.1 MOD APK (Immortality)

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter is an engaging action shooter title, become a hero on the battlefield and protect the country.

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter belongs to the genre of war games with dramatic shooting scenes. Play as a brave soldier on a mission to protect the country and rescue innocent people. Join the fight with the heroic teammates; you will have to equip the most powerful guns to attack the enemy with beautiful shooting phases. The game is designed with intuitive 3D graphics to provide the most realistic experience and enjoy endless fun on the battlefield.

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SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter


The game features true 3D graphics that recreate the real fantasy war environment, offering more intense and spectacular combat than ever before. Because the war environment is immobile, you must arm yourself with ambush strategies, find a safe hiding place, and select the weapon that best suits you and your teammates—a simple control system with multiple rotation angles for easy viewing.

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SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter


Play as a heroic soldier; your mission is to protect the country and keep the people safe. Terrorist attacks cause so many innocent people to fall; with the responsibility of a soldier, you cannot sit idly by and let your country fall into the hands of the enemy. You have become a part of the army mission; in the war, you will receive the lightest weapons, so you need to have the perfect strategy to be able to destroy the enemy more efficiently. Find hidden places and surprise enemies with beautiful shooting moves.

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter


The gameplay is simple, with only a few easy operations, but it is highly appealing. Smooth motion effects and vibrant sound effects combined with frightening music transport you to thrilling yet equally thrilling battles. The finest experience is provided by high-definition graphics and realistic shooting. Modern weapon systems assist you in fight, allowing you to become a true hero on the battlefield.

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter


  • A variety of modern, most advanced weapons support you in the battle.
  • Graphics are designed with 3D with high quality to give players a realistic experience.
  • Immovable combat environment, discover many safe hiding places for you to destroy your enemies easily
  • Vivid sound effects with incredible music and realistic gunfire enjoy the exciting match.
  • The secret mission supports many angles for you to easily observe and surprise attacks to make the enemy unable to react.

SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter v3.4.1 MOD APK (Immortality) Download

Download (47M)

Download (47M)

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