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Sword Master Story becomes a challenging battle for any player. They need to overcome different gates to protect the holy land where they live.

Sword Master Story offers a series of exciting activities involving exploring new lands and protecting your land from the invasion of bad elements. To make the story more interesting, we created many characters who possess different combat abilities and often participate in intense confrontations. The goal of ensuring the safety of the territory and its inhabitants comes first, and that is also a reason for you to try harder in the demon-slaying mission system.

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Sword Master Story


The next land the player finds in Sword Master Story is Elgrad, where the legendary gods were born. Here, players receive many new tasks and quickly find ways to complete them. To have a perfect trip, you need to prepare all the necessary items. The new land is always an ideal destination for heroes and monsters. This is also where the fierce power struggles that erupted then lasted.

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Impressive names like Ryu Lion, Swordsman Ais, and many more will come together to create the terrifying battle. They need to be summoned back to the festival with a power card, and you will be given it when participating in the Collab DanMachi event. The novelty and special character creation will leave you with many impressions. Besides, significant events will make you more excited with the performance of many warriors simultaneously. The arena can only work when you accept the challenge of the enemy.

Sword Master Story


The uncompromising battle will take place continuously at Sword Master Story. This trip will be full of potential risks of death. Have you got yourself the perfect teammates? The female warrior collection will be the right choice if you want to build a strong squad. Players will be able to refer to information related to the character, such as strength, energy, and skill rating. A perfect character added to the squad will make the battle easy.

The number of more than 40 gods will be unlocked in turn as the player conquers the peak of power. The equipment suggested in the first skin will make you happy with the unique combination of the cape and long sword. Although the number of warriors is very large, they are mainly sorted into different lists. Players can easily increase the number of warriors on the list, and this depends on your bounty.

Sword Master Story


More special scenarios for your Sword Master Story exploration include attempts at taking the challenge alone. In addition, other modes such as team combat also help you find fun that matches your ability. The treasure behind the difficulties will be revealed when you win an overwhelming victory in the arena. We provide many editing features or training settings to increase the character’s ability.

The collection of more than 50 weapons will be enhanced with functions such as attack and defense so that they always make players feel satisfied. Do you own a power stone? Some items can help the owner become strong after just one use. When the battles are over, and the territory is returned to the free, your achievements become an advantage on the leaderboards. Big events are held to give players more chances to win the top spot.

Sword Master Story


Sword Master Story successfully organizes exciting skirmishes to help players rise to the top of talented warriors. To get everyone’s recognition, you will have to complete the most difficult tasks in the process of defending the territory. Not to disappoint anyone, the system equips a series of high-damage weapons for the character to use at any time. In addition, the full power used in the fight also becomes limitless if you know how to use them.

Sword Master Story


  • Join the operation to defend the territory with other warriors of the village, facing hundreds of challenges.
  • Complete your quest while trying to take down monsters, chase wild beasts, or thwart the icy dragon.
  • Take on challenges always present when quests are played and solve them in the shortest amount of time.
  • Make sure your character is a fighter with the most impressive abilities and style in this battle event.
  • Get various game-related offers like rewards, vivid animations, and great sounds.

Sword Master Story v4.2.442 APK (Latest) Download

Download (819M)

Download (819M)

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