Download Talk To Me v1.04 MOD APK + OBB (Full Game)

Ordell, who is in the middle of his twenties, is struggling to make ends meet. After his mother’s passing, he decides to relocate to a new town, but things aren’t looking good for him there either. Only one of his close friends and possibly two or three other acquaintances can lend him support, and he has no other friends. If he ever wants to broaden his social circle, he will sooner or later need to make more of an effort.

Talk to Me is a visual novel aimed at people over the age of 18 that investigates loss as well as mental health. It is essential to remember that the game does not feature any overt sexual imagery, despite the fact that it contains a few suggestive situations. Be aware of this and the warnings that appear at the beginning of the game if you are feeling depressed or have recently experienced the loss of someone close to you.

In this game, no single outcome can be categorically deemed either good or bad. There will be no opportunity for a do-over. It is also important to point out that there is no conclusion to this. Players will face challenging choices, and the repercussions of those choices throughout the game’s over 75,000 words of narrative content. The roster of playable characters in this game is highly diverse. The players have the option of discovering any one of the possible twenty different endings to the game. Examine the ways in which your choices have influenced Ordell’s life and the outcomes of those choices. There are at least 25 CGs, in addition to the 10 BGs that are present. In this dating game version, one man and four women will be up for grabs.

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Talk To Me v1.04 MOD APK + OBB (Full Game) Download

Download (110M)

Download (110M)

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