Download Talking Tom Cat v4.0.2.24 APK + MOD (Unlimited Food)

Talking Tom Cat is a casual but entertaining game where the player has to take care of Tom’s mischievous but cute and funny cat. The game uses special technologies to make Tom more fluid and intelligent than he looks, and he has flexible interactions based on the player’s physical actions. Moreover, he has many exciting tricks to entertain the players and bring the best experience when taking care of him.


Tom is a special cat and has a lovely appearance but has a mischievous personality like a child who wants to play something. In the future, players can change Tom’s friendliness with games or daily care processes. Talking Tom Cat also makes the player’s interaction with him more dynamic and lively; even Tom’s expression and affection change significantly over time.

The process of caring for Tom is complex but entertaining and has many similarities to familiar human activities. Meanwhile, the player must feed, brush, urinate, and lead Tom around to elevate his mood with the many attractive options available in the game. He also has various status bars, representing each action that needs to be done immediately, and will send a notification to the player whenever he needs something.

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Talking Tom Cat Talking Tom Cat


Tom is a greedy boy with the ability to absorb everything in a short time, so his ability to eat is impressive, giving players a headache in buying reasonable food. Tom’s experience points and level can also be increased gradually over time based on the amount of food from the player. Besides, they can make Tom exercise a lot or actively do anything to keep him in shape and healthy.


Tom is a naughty boy, and his mood quickly turns boring when there aren’t any activities for him. Because of that, Talking Tom Cat will introduce many attractive mini-games to entertain players and Tom, making him always active and expend his energy generously. Meanwhile, the mini-games also give players more valuable coins as a reward for the progress of things.

Talking Tom Cat Talking Tom Cat


If the player wants Tom to be gorgeous and handsome, the outfit and appearance are essential features. They also expand based on the player’s progress, giving them more options for Tom’s outfit, and the player can even change the hairstyle, coat color, and many other things commonly found on humans. However, players need to complete a few special conditions to unlock more new fashion models for Tom.


Tom is an intelligent cat that can imitate the player in many simple actions, and Talking Tom Cat also has a built-in voice recorder to mimic players’ voices. Those entertaining actions are casual and appropriate for the player to build a deeper relationship with Tom over time. Tom’s new abilities will always surprise players and stimulate them to interact with him regularly.

Talking Tom Cat is now one of the most popular casual games because of Tom’s personality and humor to everyone. In addition, the mini-games or main content is also fun and friendly, bringing many exciting discoveries or relaxation for players to enjoy with Tom.

Download Talking Tom Cat v4.0.2.24 APK + MOD (Unlimited Food)

Download (53M)

Download (53M)

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