Download Text Scanner v4.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Text Scanner v4.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Text Scanner is the best choice for those who are looking for a tool that supports scanning images and copying text from photos. Convenience, fast and precise is what you can guarantee the experience. Receiving positive feedback from users, we have refreshed the version by adding a few useful features such as ignoring if it is annoying from ads and supporting scanning text from a web scanner from other applications.


Provide an image containing the text to be manipulated, and Text Scanner will perform the copying and autofill process to speed up the user’s search process. Users only need a little patience through a seamless sequence of operations, and the application will immediately complete the assigned work. The copied text will proceed to the next steps of translation, input, or correction. Users only need to upload the interface, and all the remaining procedures are solved! Because of this speed and convenience, the application received many good reviews as well as gained a lot of experience.

Text Scanner – extract text from images Text Scanner – extract text from images


An excellent job of copying text from images is thanks to the application of advanced technology, bringing faster recognition techniques to the application. The most exciting thing about the application is the recognition function; we recognize letters to improve the text, like face recognition to unlock. Significant investments for this function are in return for advantages in the process of users interacting with it. Even though the image is of low quality, the text content to be copied remains unchanged.

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No matter what language the text needs to be copied, Text Scanner can recognize and copy it correctly. Correct alignment of words, sentences, and paragraphs creates a sense of trust. Take the photo, a scanner works, runs through the text area, and detects, giving you new choices about the language used and the language you want us to display. The system will provide a list of more than 100 different languages. This abundance is a testament to the ubiquitous presence, evolving copy tools in the direction of expanding and changing every day.

Text Scanner – extract text from images Text Scanner – extract text from images


Upload the image to Text Scanner’s interface; wait a while it completes the recognition and copying job. By the time the text you need is output on the screen, all requests to share to several other applications are approved. Most users expect this functionality to be developed so that sharing permissions can be granted to more applications. Rest assured, we will improve it in future versions. And now, the application provides a quick sharing tool right after the completion by asking if you want to share it. The list of applications you can share it with is also displayed on the screen.


With Text Scanner, you can solve the job in the shortest amount of time, thanks to the ability to copy text from images with quality and speed. This is the most sought-after application today by supporting the best and most effective tools. With the desire to bring a better experience, we wait for user reviews. Start working today with the application and have the best feelings; I wish you a new day with the best!

Text Scanner v4.5.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (10M)

Download (10M)

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