Download The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates v1.6.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Catapult Mod Apk takes players to fierce battles and confronts an army of ferocious pirates. Show your strength and use weapons to destroy enemies quickly.

The Catapult is an exciting tower defense game and is very suitable for entertaining in your spare time or after a day of work. Transform into a stickman warrior to defend your tower against the onslaught of ferocious pirates. The intense battles will never stop, and you must use every weapon you have to take down all the enemies.

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The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates


Coming to The Catapult, you will become a strong stickman warrior, and your daily job is to guard the vast castle. Everything was initially very peaceful until an army of pirates destroyed it and wanted to take over your stronghold. Unable to sit still and witness everything, the stickman was determined to fight at all costs. Although the enemy force was tremendous, that did not shake his will and tenacity.

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Although you do not have a powerful army, in return, you own a potent weapon that is a giant catapult. Enemies will enter the sea and attack in many directions, such as air balloons, boats, or even submarines. If you want to use weapons, you need to press, hold, drag, and drop to any enemy position to destroy them. Because they come entirely a lot, you have to try to attack continuously and accurately aim at each boat in turn.


Suppose you ignore it for just a few seconds. In that case, the enemy will immediately take the opportunity to destroy the castle, and the attack will also make it difficult for you to defend. But if you accept defeat, that is not the spirit of a warrior and remember that you have tremendous strength. Not only a catapult, but you will also be equipped with some other solid defenses and some high-damage weapons such as bombs, missiles or bowls, and much more.

Please do not underestimate the catapult that looks quite old, but it helps a lot in combat and repels enemy attacks very quickly. There will also be a few special moves that you can use, such as launching a series of fire arrows to burn their warships. Thanks to that, it was possible to defeat all the soldiers who dared to declare war on you in a short time.

The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates


After completing each match and defeating many enemies, you will receive a certain amount of bonus. To be too wasteful, it is best to collect a lot and use them for many purposes, such as buying more bombs, weapons, or laying mines. Not only that, but you can also upgrade some destructive skills or upgrade the castle to make it more solid.

If you want to be better, you can invest in buying a barrier around the castle to reduce the possibility of collapsing if hit by enemy bullets. As time goes on, the difficulty of the game screen will increase and mean that the enemy’s strength will also be terrifying. But don’t worry too much because just by equipping some more modern weapons, the possibility of winning is very high.


Although the gameplay is simple and not too complicated, The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates invests extremely well in graphics to help players have a better experience. The 2D graphics are designed in detail with a very vivid stick figure, and all the details from small to large such as hills, trees, or surrounding creatures, are true. Bright colors with striking colors create more excitement for players.

In addition to the graphics, the sound is also a highlight because the game depicts the surrounding noises such as bombs and mines, boats’ movement of boats, or the sound of grenades being thrown. Not only that, but the sound effects are also very well integrated because there are gentle and dramatic times. Everything works together quite smoothly to create an atmosphere of an actual battle.

The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates


  • Transform into a mighty stickman warrior and fight an army of pirates to protect the castle.
  • Collect bonuses after each battle to buy more weapons in the shop or upgrade the castle to make it stronger.
  • 2D graphics are meticulously designed from minor details combined with eye-catching colors to create a more enjoyable feeling.
  • Equip some destructive skills to the warrior so that the probability of winning in each battle will be higher.
  • There are more than 80 battles with different levels for you to experience, and put your name on the leaderboard.

The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates v1.6.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (55M)

Download (55M)

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