Download The Mail – Scary Horror Game v0.39 MOD APK + OBB (No ADS)

The Mail is a detective game, helping you with relevant information to find answers to mysterious questions sent to emails. Players will participate as a writer named Reza.

The Mail reinforces horror stories and conveys them to players by engaging in puzzling puzzles in a mysterious room. Highlighting the horror element, the events taking place in the scary room will all be a clue for you to find the outcome. However, as a detective writer, use your sharp mind to solve problems. All tasks will be delivered via email address. The system has enhanced performance and corrected the mistakes that were made.

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The Mail – Scary Horror Game


Play as Reza, a person who is trying to overcome the fatigue of life’s pressure to create great works. He went to a mysterious room to fulfill his intentions. But unfortunately, The Mail has gradually helped you realize the weird things that the room possesses. Worry and fear are unnecessary when you are imprisoned with puzzles. Always keep your computer running and receive creepy emails to continue your story.

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The Mail – Scary Horror Game


Your task in this experience is to find a way out of the cursed room of The Mail. The system will divide the puzzles into many different levels, and the difficulty will be gradually increased over time. Players must find the correct answer and collect the necessary evidence or keys to escape. The main content will be horror stories and scary events that took place in the past. The story will continue as you play as an experienced storyteller and experiencer.

The Mail – Scary Horror Game


Although the story’s scope in The Mail only allows players to operate in a small room, the system still has many ways for things to unfold most wonderfully. Various special effects are applied to make you feel the atmosphere is really creepy. Vivid 3D visuals and sound series are provided to complete your experience further. The character will always be passive by the questions; however, master the time by finding the answer as quickly as possible.

The Mail – Scary Horror Game


The Mail lets you do any activity in a closed room, receive your fans’ creepy questions via email and answer them in the fastest time. What happens at this moment will help you open the door to escape or survive longer in this scary space. A sound system and vivid images will support much engaging content. Experience and discover the story in your own way!

The Mail – Scary Horror Game


  • Explore the horror game for free, install to learn more about the creepy stories incorporated into the puzzles.
  • The character will be locked in a cold room to solve puzzles, receive questions from the email displayed on your computer.
  • Fulfilling the various requirements set forth to own the key pieces, getting out is a matter of time.
  • Enjoy a series of unique 3D images and feel the horror of the sound system installed in the game.
  • Write new situations for this exciting horror story, get more inspiration for your creations.

The Mail – Scary Horror Game v0.39 MOD APK + OBB (No ADS) Download

Download (399M)

Download (399M)

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