Download The Manga Works v1.3.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

The Manga Works helps you freely express your drawing talent and become a talented artist in the future. With just a single pen, you have created an incredibly unique and beautiful manga masterpiece, attracting the attention and admiration of many people. With your talent, try to join this fascinating game to gain more experience in painting and learn many new things.


Joining this game, you are a character with a natural talent for drawing cartoons since childhood, so painting has become a job for your living. You have attracted a lot of stories and brought to the audience a lot of new and varied content that aroused their curiosity and attention. With just a simple pen, you can get an excellent masterpiece. If given the opportunity, publishers will be interested and invite you to combine to create a comic series with engaging and popular content, favorite person.


For an artist, finding inspiration and ideas is significant and necessary. Even a simple detail can become a compelling idea in their mind. They will find the most unique and impressive points to create the most meaningful and engaging content from one situation to another.

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If you complete the challenges that the game offers, you will receive more experience points. You can use it to practice and learn new skills to better yourself. Use your drawing skills and creative mind to design and create the most beautiful and perfect picture. If you show it to the publisher and they smile and compliment the painting, congratulations, you’ve got your chance.


The scenery designed and created in this game is stunning, full of realism. The image is recreating the scene where you are sitting in your room drawing pictures behind the bed and clothes rack. In addition, there is a scene where you meet the producer at the office; everything is arranged and happens quickly.

Download The Manga Works v1.3.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Download (33M)

Download (33M)

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