Download The Sword of Rhivenia v1.0.6 MOD APK (Unlocked All , Boosted)

The Sword of Rhivenia is a work of fiction that delves into a variety of topics, including romance, family, the role of leadership, and conflict. My earlier game, The Unwanted Warrior, featured a broader selection of environments. Therefore, the imaginary kingdom of Rhivenia is the setting for the majority of the action in this story. Imagine you are a prince or princess who has found yourself trapped in a palace full of intrigue.

The War of Three Brothers, which took place over ten years ago, changed the course of Rhivenia’s history. After being under control by the Sword, Prince Charles emerged as the group’s leader; nevertheless, he had valiant brothers who resisted him. The brothers of Prince Charles finally failed in their endeavors because they allowed their greed to get the better. After vanquishing all of his possible adversaries, he consolidated his power and accepted his rightful position as king over three distinct realms. It seemed as though everything was going swimmingly for him, his two wives, and his four children, but suddenly an unexpected adversary showed up.

You can assume the position of one of King Charles’s successors if you have the Sword if King Charles passes away. Does being number one suit you? Or do you believe that your sibling or siblings deserve the reward more than you do? How do you intend to achieve your goal of inheriting something in the future? The interactive fantasy novel titled “The Sword of Rhivenia,” written by Ayan Mammadli, has a total word count of 750,000 and is centered on the Middle Ages. The course of the story will diverge significantly by the choices you make. There are no sights or audio; everything relies only on your vivid imagination. There are no visuals or audio. Players are strongly encouraged to role-play as members of the royal family. They are adaptable in terms of their outward look and disposition. Develop both new friendships and new competitive relationships.

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  • Take on the role of a prince or princess.
  • Personalize both your outward look and your temperament.
  • Create buddies and foes in equal measure.
  • Be selected by the Sword, or continue to hold the title of Prince or Princess.
  • Choose either to betray your kingdom or to remain loyal.
  • Have a family by getting married and having kids.

The Sword of Rhivenia v1.0.6 MOD APK (Unlocked All , Boosted) Download

Download (5.78 MB)

Download (5.78 MB)

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