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Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure Mod APK offers exploration experiences on a deserted island where survivors can discover much. Players will spend time collecting the necessary things and meet many other characters.

Tinker Island takes you to a strange desert island with characters trapped here, and they will need to find resources to survive. You will observe their stats and take them to locations to complete different jobs. Over time, you’ll find new mechanics in the logbook, and if you’re lucky, you can even recruit more characters and make the exploration and collection process more stable.

Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure

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The story begins when players find different characters on a deserted island of Tinker Island, and in a strange environment, they will need to find a way to maintain their lives. They will go to various locations searching for necessary resources, and gradually, new jobs will constantly appear before them. At the same time, assigning tasks in this game can be done easily with just swipes.

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Each character will appear in front of you through a status table where you can observe their stats, especially health stats. At the same time, you also find some boards corresponding to the related jobs and locations. Your job is straightforward; it is to swipe a character to a job or place that you feel is suitable. Indeed, there will be many interesting points you cannot ignore in this game.


When you reach Tinker Island, you’ll find a logbook that records the game’s information and mechanics that you’ll need to read. You will receive new things related to gameplay and the game sometimes also offers you some quests that you can perform. So it’s similar to a quest system that constantly introduces new challenges to the players and requires them to complete. You can also make each request with a certain number of characters.

Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure

In each request, like discovery or resource gathering, you will find the number of people needed for a specific activity. At the beginning of the level, you will often perform a particular activity that you feel is important with the starting characters. Each job will have a specific duration, and over time you will see what resources could have been exposed. At the same time, completing these missions is an essential thing for many players.

The task performance in this game has many different meanings that you will need to pay attention to. New quests introduce you to further resources and mechanics, and you’ll get to know the stories of these characters. Simultaneously, the developments in the story will be displayed in logbook detail; for example, after receiving the wood, the characters will be next to a bonfire. So you’ll see their pictures when something new comes out.


When you experience Tinker Island, you will certainly not miss the times of discovering new places. It is necessary to live on a desert island when new places have new elements that you can decide to learn or not. In addition, in some cases, you can also approach a new character in any location on the deserted island. Increasing the number of characters is an absolute necessity.

Tinker Island – Survival Story Adventure

In addition to the three starting characters, you will approach Oliver, who is trying to hide in the sand, and when a new character joins the group, many changes will occur. Players will be able to divide groups of characters to perform many different jobs, so the speed of development and search will also occur faster. So, when the level unlocks new elements, do not hesitate to explore and do not forget to consider the stats of the characters before sending them to do something.

The player will go to a deserted island where there are many things to do:

  • Players will accompany the survivors on a strange desert island, and there are many jobs for these people to perform to maintain their lives.
  • Work operations and mechanics will appear in the logbook, and you will choose characters who can participate in different activities.
  • Each character has a specific stat, and each mission will require a different amount that you can consider to complete and reach the new one.
  • New locations always attract players with many different elements, and one of them is the new survivors scattered across the island.
  • The constantly increasing characters will help you accelerate collecting and exploring the island because there are many jobs you can do simultaneously.

Tinker Island v1.8.28 MOD APK (Free Purchases) Download

Download (104M)

Download (104M)

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