Download Tiny Scanner v5.5.8 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Tiny Scanner v5.5.8 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App will be a tool that you always need on your mobile phone. If you are an office worker and paperwork is inevitable, this will definitely be an extremely suitable application for your work. Coming to this application, users will have an extremely compact digital scanner right in their pocket and can be used immediately at any time.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App


A full-featured scanner will always be an essential tool for those who often have to work with documents. And often, bulky scanners can be fully featured that you can use to scan a wide variety of documents. But now, all kinds of documents that a dedicated scanner can do will be quickly scanned by your phone with Tiny Scanner.

The scanners will be used to scan through documents and save their scans in different formats. And this will be what the application is very interested in for its users when it comes to filing export features. Then, users will easily store their scans in many different formats, from images to PDF files. You will also be able to set your PDF page in multiple sizes like Letter, Legal, A4, and more.

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Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App


One of the features that the application wants to bring to users to be able to optimize the user experience will be AI POWERED OCR. With this feature, users will be able to use different languages, handwriting recognition, edit results, copy, share or save as txt, word, etc. So when using this great feature of the application, your work will become more convenient than ever.

The most prominent feature of people who have an office job is that they always have a scanner next to their desk. Often these specialized scanners will be pretty large in shape and not convenient to move them. But if you have encountered an emergency without a scanner with you, this will be when this application comes into play. No matter where you are, documents can be processed quickly as long as you own this application.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App


The application also wants to be able to give users the best storage experience when using it. Therefore, the application’s document archive also brings a lot of interesting features such as list view and sorting scans by date or title. In addition, when users want to be able to search for documents that they have previously stored, the application’s search tools will also serve you very well.

Moreover, the developers have also added to Tiny Scanner a lot of smart features to maximize support for users. The first is that when stored in the application’s memory, your documents will be protected by a layer of passwords that you have installed in advance. Besides, the documents that you are about to scan will be recognized and processed by the system. Then the page edges of the document will also be detected, and the scanner will focus only on the document content.

Tiny Scanner v5.5.8 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (118M)

Download (118M)

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