Download Towing Race v8.6.1 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS)

Are you ready to compete in the most exhilarating Towing Race Mod APK in the history of the world?

Have you ever attempted to tow a TRUCK with your Pickup? What is the maximum permitted speed when towing a CRUISE SHIP? You are not competing against any other vehicle in this race; another vehicle has stopped before you. It takes expertise to move the trailer as quickly as possible while keeping it secure. You will have the opportunity to discover the solutions in the game Towing Race!

To win, select the most powerful vehicle available, tweak its engine, and then HIT THE GAS! Speed is key in this game, but power is more critical. The new trailer’s tremendous power assists other vehicles in navigating difficult terrain. There are various scenarios where ascending a slope is no longer possible because the vehicle used is too small and feeble. Is it possible to win a race by simply going fast? In a nutshell, NO. When towing, find the sweet spot between the car’s SPEED and the RESISTANCE of your chain. It’s critical not to use too much force. Otherwise, the chain will snap. STAY IN THE KNOW AND GET TO KNOW YOUR CAR! The leash is important to the plot and the single most difficult difficulty you will encounter as you continue through the game. A break in the chain could mean the end of the convoy. You will eventually lose and have to restart. Slow and cautious may be faster than rushing at times.

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The difficulty of pulling grows as the levels go, so purchase new cars with more horsepower and hauling prowess. The game becomes increasingly difficult later on, so it’s critical for players to save up and make sensible purchases early on to prepare for the struggle ahead. At some point in the game, the difficulty will rise, so you will require a more powerful trailer to complete the level. You should spend your money on the best trailer that meets your needs. You must be more than just the FASTEST to win the championship title. Prove to everyone who the true TOWING RACE BOSS is!

Towing Race v8.6.1 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS) Download

Download (40M)

Download (40M)

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