Download Traffix: Traffic Simulator v7.91 APK (Full Game)

In Traffix: Traffic Simulator APK, maintain order in the flow of traffic. Determine when the automobiles will be allowed to pass in order to prevent collisions.

In the simple traffic management and simulation game Traffix, you must control the flow of traffic by turning on and off the traffic lights. You must manage the traffic signal to keep the drivers safe and the peace. In this traffic simulation experience, start battling mayhem on a global scale.

Traffix: Traffic Simulator

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Originally just a simple simulation game, but Traffix has great appeal thanks to attractive gameplay

Simple rules

To control traffic flow on the highway, you must tap the traffic signal at exactly the precise moment. It functions exactly the same way as a typical traffic light, complete with the colors green, yellow, and red.

Traffix: Traffic Simulator


Nearly every city has some form of automobile traffic, be it automobiles, buses, or vans. There are certain communities that even have an airplane, in addition to a truck and a railway. Your job? Watch out that they don’t get into an accident.


You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to think when using Traffix. Every new city you visit will captivate your senses and allow you to feel more at ease.

Traffix: Traffic Simulator

Tricky levels

The user interface of Traffix is quite straightforward and uncluttered, but getting around in certain areas might be a real challenge! Even the smallest diversion can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Traffix: Traffic Simulator


Everyone is depressed and angry about being stuck in traffic. Even when it is quite simple like it is on Traffix. Now there is a method that can put an end to the anarchy and bring some calm to the streets. You are the highway manager when you play Traffix. The anxiety and disorder each city will bring will be unique. You can keep the flow of traffic under control and stay away from angry motorists if you tap the traffic lights at the appropriate times.

Traffix: Traffic Simulator v7.91 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (86.71 MB)

Download (86.71 MB)

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