Download Trivia Race 3D v1.13.22 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Trivia Race 3D MOD APK has officially returned here with new impressions and innovations that you need to know. This ball game will let you enjoy exciting rounds and have the most intense score competition in the world.

Do you have a passion for skating? If so, then Trivia Race 3D is an exciting choice? This is a unique quiz game; players will have the opportunity to roll the balls to different boards. The game will give you new challenges, and specifically, if you pass through the obstacles, you can continue this game. The interesting point is that you will be playing with friends and receive the corresponding points given at each stage.

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Trivia Race 3D – Roll & Answer


You will find that the game offers you a series of multi-colored balls; each color will have its own impression. You will be able to choose any ball, and depending on the balls, you will be divided into different teams. In the game, you will also find that your main task is to control the balls that slide along specific boards. These boards will have a certain width, and you need to align so that the ball does not fall off the board.

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You will find the game will follow certain routes, and in turn, you will experience different levels. Step into this new game; you will be provided with the most impressive introductions. Thanks to those introductions, you get to know the gameplay and start playing impressive games. More specifically, you will meet friends, and they come from different countries; after meeting, the game will divide you into teams to serve the game.

Trivia Race 3D – Roll & Answer


Each person in the game will bring a unique temperament, and they all hope to bring about a great victory for the entire squad. You will be randomly drawn, and then you will be faced with an opponent. You need to choose an avatar and continue to enter this big battle. Players will slowly move their ball at a moderate speed to get used to the requirements. You can then gradually increase the speed to make the results more leaps and bounds.

You need to pay attention that the game will be timed rigorously, so you need to pay attention to the time to create the most impressive race. Players also need to pay attention to both scores to have the most effective attack plan. You will also have to pay attention to the ball’s distance because there are objects that will encroach on the field to knock you to other places. You need to slow down or speed up to overtake them at times like these to give them no chance to catch up.

Trivia Race 3D – Roll & Answer


Players need to upgrade their balls to create impressions when performing this game. More specifically, you should also carefully observe the direction to use great speed easily. When you use strong speed combined with unique attack ability, you will be able to complete the challenge in the shortest time. Until then, you will own the most significant number of points.

You will participate in more impressive games and overcome prominent opponents. The special thing is that you also need to use the protection feature to be able to control the ball automatically, and this feature helps you not need to pay attention to it because it can move in a safe range on its own. Making upgrades and then adding new support features will also make Trivia Race 3D more attractive.

The fun won’t stop in Trivia Race 3D, and you will see it differently. Players also always want to own new balance features because, thanks to that feature, you will not need to observe the ball’s direction. Colorful balls will also be included in the game to help you show a part of your personality. It would help if you tried to get into the inner circles because there are many interesting supporting features that you need to conquer.

Trivia Race 3D – Roll & Answer


  • Browse through the full-color palette and make your selections to create dramatic moves representing your personality.
  • Sign up for each group and wait to see if the opponent you challenge is imposing and formidable?
  • Move the balls to the right on that board and overcome the significant obstacles in the game to win.
  • Try to maintain and gradually increase your speed to get ahead of your opponents, get a more substantial score and put yourself on the leaderboard.
  • Conquer new races and try to win the most attractive support features for yourself.

Trivia Race 3D v1.13.22 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (69M)

Download (69M)

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