Download TWD: Identities v1.9.38 APK (Latest)

TWD: Identities Mod APK – The Walking Dead is adapted from the original comic book series into a puzzle role-playing game.

As long as there is a risk to life, there will always be treacherous enemies to face and looting to complete. Fight off both human and zombie foes in this action-packed RPG. Is it conceivable that you might pass away as a result of all the attacks? Gather up a group of trustworthy individuals to serve as the colony’s guard.

Adapted from the very first issue of the comic book series The Walking Dead! The cutscenes and animations are very high quality and come complete with voice acting. This is a retelling of the original story that was told in The Walking Dead. Skybound lets you start playing from the very first panel and includes brand new stories that may be accessed independently. I hope everything works out for you so that you may see this project through to its completion. The comic book series Identities: The Walking Dead by Skybound was the source material for the AMC television show The Walking Dead.

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First published in the comic books of “The Walking Dead,” with brand-new supplementary content added on top of that. Immerse yourself once more in the world of “The Walking Dead” and refresh your memory with the accounts of the survivors. The Walking Dead comics are now available in a fully realized audio dramatization for the first time. Make your own unique list of people who survived the event. You’ll meet 77 distinct characters throughout the game, some of whom you might remember from the first tale, including Rick, Glenn, and Morgan, while others are brand new to this installment in the series. The constant struggle for one’s existence. Your responsibility is to protect your community from the onslaught of terrible assailants. It is possible to ensure one’s survival by venturing to other cities and either looting or attacking them. Join forces with other players to ensure victory in combat against the foe. You are increasing your chances of receiving what you require by forming connections with those who share your values and perspectives.

TWD: Identities v1.9.38 APK (Latest) Download

Download (150M)

Download (150M)

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