Download Viking Wars v7.9 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Diamonds)

Viking Wars will let you immerse yourself in the excellent clan war. A wide-scale war will take place, and you are the main character in this uprising. Players need to seize the opportunities to compete for their throne.

Viking Wars will show you a very fierce context of the issue of fighting for the throne of inner brothers. This is a role-playing action game; players will become the youngest prince of a country. However, his father always wanted to take all the throne for him, but the great princes chased him away. The adventure begins from there; players go to find and form their partners, then return and compete for the throne.

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Viking Wars


This event shocked the royal family because you are the true heir. However, your brothers use every cause to accuse you of being a traitor. You were sent to a wild forest, and now you have to fight everything on your own. You need to do now in Viking Wars to call your friends and form a small country. You wait for the right opportunity to perform the return mission.

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Viking Wars


Being exiled to a wild forest, surrounded by no shelter, is a great challenge. Wild dog, the people keep threatening you because they think you are the destroyer of this forest. However, you are trained from a young age and have enough plans to make this adventure in the forest. Convince everyone to build the country together. Use all kinds of homemade weapons to defend yourself.

Viking Wars


A good day has come, and this is your chance to pull your troops back to claim the throne. More interesting is that your brothers have great strength to fight with the army of those brothers. The country’s people looked forward to your return, so they joined the war fiercely. This is your chance to fight for the throne in Viking Wars, and you must win all the privileges for yourself.

Viking Wars


  • Players take on the role of becoming the youngest prince whose mission is to restore his throne and take over the country.
  • Build an army with enough strength and a large number to return to compete for the throne.
  • Go on an adventure in the jungle, showing off your own special survival abilities.
  • Perform a series of challenges in the deep forest and thereby show off your ability to make unique weapons.
  • Return to overthrow the throne and make more great clan wars on all fronts.

Viking Wars v7.9 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

Download (49M)

Download (49M)

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