Download Werewolf Detective v1.1.314 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices/Outfit)

Werewolf Detective Mod APK gives you a unique experience and exposes you to fascinating stories when participating. Players are free to create their own stories.

Everything is up to you to decide in this game, and the game will bring you a series of exciting situations. You will begin your quest and adventure to the new world where everything works according to your will. Players can freely choose for you the stories that suit your personality. Then the game will help you come up with dialogue for your character to interact with others.

Werewolf Detective! Story Game

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If you are passionate about fantasy novels containing compelling content, then Werewolf Detective will meet the things that you need. Coming to this game, you can freely explore the mysteries when learning the story of the wolf detective and starting a new date with this guy. Besides, the game is simulated attached to the famous novel series to give players a more realistic feeling about this exciting fantasy world.

Starting the game, you will be transformed into a beautiful girl, then adventure into “Eating Detective of the Fog,” composed by an author specializing in detective novels. However, the surprise here is that you live in a parallel world with Earth to learn about the mysteries buried behind. Besides, the player will carry with him a rather large responsibility to be able to bring the truth to light quickly.

Werewolf Detective! Story Game Werewolf Detective! Story Game


Before officially participating in the series of quests that await you, you will need to retool yourself and become the perfect image. Werewolf Detective will bring you a full-featured item system that includes editing hairstyles and decorating accessories so your character can be ready for the journey ahead.

Besides, the player will role-play the character in the game and perform the assigned tasks, but the game is a free experience, so you can freely choose your own stories. In addition, the game will give you tons of new stories through each level, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. Now the stories are all in your hand, so control your character and perform the dialogue through the template provided by the game.


The attractiveness of the game will increase as you progress to new chapters. In addition, each chapter will contain fascinating storylines for you to have the best experience. However, things do not stop there, but players will need to discover a series of mysteries brought by the game. In this game, your character will start a new date with the werewolf detective; the castle where you find out is hiding a lot of compelling cases that have not been answered. But this guy will appear to assist you in the process of unraveling the other cases.

In addition, players will be moved to many different contexts but must carefully observe the strange things around to collect clues of the cases. The game will give you situations containing many different lines, and you just need to choose as you like to answer. Now you will date this guy and build the most romantic love story ever.

Werewolf Detective! Story Game Werewolf Detective! Story Game


Werewolf Detective gives you the freedom to tailor your stories to create the best moments. You will be going through a series of different stories, and each place will contain its own attractions. In addition, mysterious characters will appear in turn to increase the drama and lead players to many new adventures. Not only play the game, but you are also free to read the stories completely free until the last chapter. One more thing, the personality of the character you own will be reflected in the stories, so give reasonable answers to create a perfect image for your character.


  • Adventure to a new world with tons of attractions waiting for you; players will become the main characters in exciting fantasy stories and discover many new things.
  • Immerse yourself in character and begin to perform new tasks, and become a beautiful girl to discover the mysteries inside the novel “Eating Detective of the Fog.”
  • Create a character of your own by adjusting the appearance to the most perfect, then participate in the stories provided by the game and go through many different levels
  • The simple but not boring gameplay gives you the best space. Besides, players can enjoy the exciting storyline and give dialogues to go to the subsequent development of each level.
  • Dating a werewolf detective includes investigating mysterious cases in this city, plus you are allowed to customize your own stories completely free.

Werewolf Detective v1.1.314 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices/Outfit) Download

Download (168M)

Download (168M)

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