Download What The Fight v1.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

What The Fight Mod Apk is a confrontation between two players with simple rules as you use all the power and available items to eliminate the opponent. We’ve created a hovering ring that benefits you while knocking down opponents.

What The Fight possesses is full of elements such as humor, fun, and many unique situations. In each different case, the player will respond to the challenge presented by using any item on the field. Each round will be counted as a level; you need to pass the superficial level to challenge yourself in more challenging content. In addition, creating a simple character distinguished by color will also help you feel excited about this game.

What The Fight What The Fight

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The rounds of What The Fight are created based on the Ragdoll principle, each match taking place and end is counted as around. Here, you will meet any opponent, use your methods to defeat them. Each round has certain difficulties. However, you will be challenged with a simple activity first. As more experience points are gained, players will be challenged to more difficult levels, provided that they meet dangerous opponents.

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The system will build different levels for you to experience. Each level is a new character and story. This story can take place anywhere, depending on the time and depending on location. Besides the regular arrangement of levels, you can also participate in some events organized by the system. Events that allow you to double or triple your rewards and discounts on items in the store.


The flexibility of the challenges in What The Fight poses a problem for players when they need to get detailed lessons about the game’s rules. Players will have to follow the correct procedure to knock their opponents off the field, causing them to fall to be counted as a win. When you succeed, the system will create a series of explosive fireworks; this will be the most basic sign for you to know your victory. Also, if you are unfortunate enough to fail, try again in a new turn.

Vivid images and sounds support the fast and flexible sequence of actions. Performance contributes to the above features. Through the process of updating the new version, the changes are recorded, which helps to improve the recognizability of your actions. The character image is designed in a simple trend, with only one design and distinguishing it from other players by color.

What The Fight What The Fight


The confrontation of players in What The Fight requires weapons’ support and players are allowed to apply them in their matches. Heavy weapons such as guns and bombs will help you create terrifying explosions and knock down your opponent in seconds. But they will ask you to pay a little coin to use, consider your conditions. A few different support items and means of transport will be a great choice if you are having trouble running away. Players can use vehicles to threaten the enemy’s life.


What The Fight extends the journey to conquer the power tournament until the end of the way; players will participate in the most intense battles and become the winner with their skills. A character can be active and score many achievements in one join; the leaderboard will bring you many rewards and opportunities. Weapons collection is an excellent choice if you have trouble confronting powerful enemies. The system will record your participation, record the scores in the levels, and award prizes at the end of each round.

What The Fight


  • The combat content involves a conflict between two players, performing offensive moves while standing on the ring and protecting your life so that you don’t fall when the enemy pushes you.
  • The rules of the game are simple, easy to learn and absorb when the system continuously gives reminders in the form of notifications. You can refer to some of the cool suggestions we recommend to win.
  • Discover more new content as you stay informed about the upcoming update. You can experience exciting stories, new situations, or much stronger opponents.
  • The confrontation is supported by a collection of weapons with destructive functions. Regardless of the items on the field, new guns or large bombs will be applied to make the explosions more dangerous.
  • Experience the game through the levels and conquer all the challenges set in it. The difficulty will be reviewed and gradually increased as players get the best experience, creating fun battles.

What The Fight v1.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (94M)

Download (94M)

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