Download Woodcraft Island Survival v1.66 MOD APK (Unlimited Health/No Hungry, Thirst)

Woodcraft Island Survival Game Mod APK is an exciting survival adventure game on a tropical island. You will play as a hero and face many challenges and wild animals.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game is the story of a hero who survives on an ocean island in a wild environment. Now, you are stranded on the wild island where you crashed in a plane crash, and you will have to face the dangers around. In addition, you must find a way to protect yourself from the humans and other wildlife that have inhabited the island for centuries.

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Woodcraft Island Survival Game


In this dangerous adventure, you will have no help from a friend but a beautiful girl, Linda. Wild animals are stalking you, and you could become their next meal at any time. So, in order not to become a hunted person, you have to run and search for manual measures to become a professional hunter. You can dodge, run or shoot wild creatures to survive in this scary game.

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This game will challenge you in the most adventurous way so you can show and show off your hunting skills among wild wolves. You can use a wooden ax to cut down trees for shelter or chop coconut water to quench your thirst. If you are looking for a wilderness to experience, then this game is a place for you to fulfill your dream of adventure.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game


You should never be discouraged or lose your hope because of scary animals, but find ways to fight them. As mentioned above, you can use your ax to cut down trees, get firewood for a fire, or cut down trees to get apples on the tree for food. At the same time, you also have to be careful and watch around to avoid wild bears, wolves, and some other animals on the island. The fires that you light up at night will help you keep dangerous animals away. You can also use your hunting skills to kill animals and survive longer.


The combat environment is designed in extremely attractive 3D, and everything first gives players the most realistic feeling. Players will experience many different environments with rich visuals and dramatic sounds in the game.

Woodcraft Island Survival Game


  • Bold survival with diverse missions and levels, giving you epic survival adventures and thrilling experiences of fighting wild animals.
  • Show off your hunting and survival skills in hazardous challenges, and realistic and simple controls will make you more approachable.
  • Survival skills: build shelters, hunt animals, find rough tools like axes to cut down trees, coconut water to drink when thirsty, or eat apples on trees or light fires to scare away animals.
  • Great graphics and rich visuals have realistically simulated island survival adventures for you to experience, and the character’s movements are also very smooth.
  • Hunt wolves, fight bears, wolves, and other wild animals to survive on the ocean island, and use your craft skills to dodge them.

Woodcraft Island Survival v1.66 MOD APK (Health, No Hungry, Thirst) Download

Download (48M)

Download (48M)

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