Download Word Search Sea v2.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

Word Search Sea helps you develop the best brain by having fun finding crosswords. Solve hundreds of challenging puzzles by linking letters to find items hidden deep in the sea or build new buildings by the sea.

A game is suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly – Word Search Sea. This is a basic puzzle game with hundreds and thousands of questions with different difficulty levels. In addition to giving you entertainment, the game also helps players develop brains and train great minds. Your task is to solve crosswords by linking letters to create an expressive vocabulary. Each time you complete each question, you will receive a sea item or build a new building.

Word Search Sea: Unscramble words

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A crossword puzzle game called Word Search Sea will be a game suitable for all ages. When you come to this game, you can expand your understanding of vocabulary. The goal of the player when coming to this game is to solve the mysterious crosswords and find the right keyword for every question. Players need intelligence and appropriate ways of playing to solve the question quickly. It would help if you prepared the vocabulary with the given letters.


Your task is not too complicated; just link the letters on the screen to form a meaningful vocabulary. Of course, you have multiple attempts for each given question. Until you provide the correct answer, it will show on the screen so you can memorize and learn a new word. In this newly updated version, you can get various perks. For example, the chance to get a hint after completing the question excellently. That way, you can solve difficult questions more easily.

Word Search Sea: Unscramble words Word Search Sea: Unscramble words


The purpose of this game is to entertain everyone and help you train your brain. Each question asked is a certain lesson about our life. Playing while learning a lot of interesting vocabulary is the purpose of Word Search Sea. We were hoping you could get as much benefit as possible when choosing this game. Players can improve their concentration when just looking at the crosswords without caring about anything else when participating in this game.


We promise to bring you a lot of fun and lots of valuable lessons. You will receive each corresponding gift when completing challenging levels with specific questions. Those may be hints you can save to use on more complex questions. Or bonuses or other unique items. The gifts will be renewed daily, and depending on the event, the value of each gift will be different. But almost every gift has a unique purpose.


This is an offline game so that you can join anywhere you want. Word Search Sea does not limit the time to do the challenges, so you can almost slowly find the answers. All questions are executed continuously, but it is okay when you want to pause to do other work. The game will resume where you left off and continue to bring different questions to the next level. Remember, the difficulty will increase with each level, so you need to prepare your mind now.

Word Search Sea: Unscramble words Word Search Sea: Unscramble words


We give players hundreds of challenging levels with different difficulty levels. The crossword puzzle questions will be divided into special topics so you can study in each category. Each time you complete a certain question, the player will receive many unique items on the beach or build a monumental house. In particular, you will unlock more new challenges if you complete the questions excellently. In addition, Word Search Sea is a great space to compete with friends to see who is more knowledgeable.

  • This is a game suitable for all ages with many exciting lessons and quizzes, engaged in improving intelligence and improving concentration.
  • Just swipe the screen to link the letters to create the most meaningful vocabulary, the correct answer will appear on the whiteboard.
  • Solve to find the answers hidden in hundreds of challenges, improving your vocabulary with each unique topic.
  • Complete the questions with different difficulties, the reward will be updated daily, and it has many other reward levels.
  • Play offline so you can play anywhere, join your friends online to compete, and see who knows more.

Word Search Sea v2.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS) Download

Download (62M)

Download (62M)

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