Download X-Plane Flight Simulator v12.0.1 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked)

X-Plane Mod APK is not a game but rather a simulation of real life. Come find out for yourself why actual pilots choose to fly with X-Plane.

You are solely responsible for anything that takes place everywhere in the cosmos. This is not a game but a simulator in which you will learn how to pilot a real-life aircraft. By studying the subject, you might discover why expert pilots prefer using X-Plane as their flight simulator. Of course, X-Plane Flight Simulator is no match for PC and console simulation games like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

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This is a fantastic game since it fits in the palm of your hand and takes up the screen space of a smartphone. Because there is always a child at heart, that kid has big plans for his or her future. Everyone is instantly drawn to the sight of a handsome pilot in a majestic uniform lifting a humongous airplane above the azure clouds. Who among us hasn’t considered taking flying lessons only once?

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The Federal Aviation Administration has blessed the use of a flight model that is analogous to the one implemented in our desktop simulator. This flight model is going to be used as the foundation. This model can simulate a large variety of physical processes, such as wing flex and landing gear tilt, to name a couple of examples. You can complete the entire start procedure thanks to the combination of this feature with our desktop-quality planes, which come in various color schemes, and our interactive 3D cockpits, which feature hundreds of buttons, dials, and switches. Our planes are also available in a variety of color schemes.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

These cockpits’ realism level is comparable to that of our full desktop simulator. They have many features, including flight displays, operating instruments, and many more. On the other hand, airplanes are useless if they cannot take off from the ground. Our free regions have photorealistic surroundings and structures as a direct result of this, as well as fully working airports that are outfitted with jetways, hangars, and other comforts.

X-Plane Flight Simulator


Do you have the desire to increase your level of knowledge? Subscribers get access to more than 37,000 airports through the use of this service, including more than 11,500 airports that offer 3D terminals, hangars, and other amenities. You will acquire the skills necessary to fly an airplane, helicopter, or any other aircraft during nine free classes.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

The Game Center allows for simultaneous online battles between two different players. In today’s world, there are many interactive cockpits, most of which interface to simulations of real-world systems. Instruments, screens, buttons, and knobs are all functional components that can be found on a control panel. Each of the fifty modeled systems can fail on command, and most aircraft have distinct start processes (optionally, start any aircraft from the cold and dark conditions).

X-Plane Flight Simulator

You can begin playing popular games earlier than other players if you have a professional membership. There is a possibility that tens of thousands of pilots will all work simultaneously in the same environment. You can search the MMO world for additional chances to interact with other players or participate in the “Fly-In of the Day.” Because we wanted you to be able to start playing as soon as possible, we put a lot of effort into developing a massively multiplayer early access option. During the following several months, not only will we be introducing brand-new features, but we will also be improving and enhancing existing ones.

X-Plane Flight Simulator


  • Dogfighting has never been such a challenge, nor has it been this realistic.
  • From perfecting your first landing to overcoming an engine failure and everything in between.
  • Engine failures, bird attacks, and other hazards may all be realistically simulated in this game.
  • On your mobile device, you get all of the power and precision of X-Plane Desktop.
  • Instruments, throttles, and other controls behave as they would in a real vehicle.
  • When you purchase an aircraft, in addition to getting access to all of the liveries, challenges, and lessons that come with it, you won’t have to pay anything more for them.
  • Why settle for less detailed aircraft when you can have it all with a full-fledged desktop simulator?
  • Fly alongside other players inside a single, unified universe. Try out the Fly-In of the Day at one of the world’s most popular airports.
  • Discover over 37,000 airports, over 11,500 of which include 3D terminals, hangars, and other amenities for you to explore. In addition, there are 5 free territories accessible.

X-Plane Flight Simulator v12.0.1 MOD APK + OBB (All Content Unlocked) Download

Download (788M)

Download (788M)

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