Download Zombie 3D Shooter v1.3.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Zombie 3D Shooter is an FPS game where players fight zombies of various shapes. You can use various weapons with different destructive power to destroy the enemies approaching and discover new locations.

Zombie 3D Shooter allows players to confront aggressive zombies that are always trying to approach and attack them. You can easily recognize their presence through radar and prepare appropriate tactics to attack them. At the same time, a variety of levels corresponding to different locations are waiting for you to arrive, and many weapons with terrifying power are helpful to you in this battle.

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Zombie 3D Shooter: Offline FPS


If you are a lover of apocalyptic-themed game genres, then Zombie 3D Shooter is an exciting choice when it comes to challenging battles. Monsters will constantly appear in front of you, and you will have to destroy them if you want to complete the level. At the same time, you also know how to best survive with the weapons you can own. Surely the game will bring many feelings that you cannot ignore.

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It is an FPS game, so you will find it easy to find the unique control style as you will manually control the character’s actions and aim the receiver accurately. At the same time, the game also supports an auto-shoot feature to assist you in destroying enemies. So, your skills will be continuously increased as you go through many different levels in the game and face many kinds of zombies.

Zombie 3D Shooter: Offline FPS


You will go to many locations and confront zombies in Zombie 3D Shooter. They will constantly move towards you, and you can move, keep your distance from them, to destroy them right after. At the same time, you also see your remaining health and ammo to make good moves. The game also gives you a radar to identify any enemies that appear corresponding to the red dot you see.

You will face different types of zombies as the apocalypse affects many different living creatures. You can see monsters that can fly, dogs that become aggressive, and even infected humans. At the same time, they all have different weaknesses that you can recognize because they were once creatures. From there, you should be able to finish them off quickly if you aim for these critical parts.

Zombie 3D Shooter: Offline FPS

You can see the variety of levels this game offers, and there will be locations that you can explore. It could be Lost City, Zombie Land, and many other locations. At the same time, each place owns many diverse levels that you need to overcome. So it’s a long journey against aggressive zombies and requires a lot of power, the equipment you have. The game also helps you increase your chances of winning in this game.


In Zombie 3D Shooter, players will find many different types of guns that they can unlock. They span many different gun genres and have suitable attacks and tactics. At the same time, with diverse destructive power, you will be able to blow away any enemies that appear.

Zombie 3D Shooter: Offline FPS

An apocalyptic world opens up before the player’s eyes with many exciting challenges such as:

  • You will survive in levels filled with zombies that are always trying to reach and destroy you if they can.
  • These zombies can be identified through radar, and indeed, you will need to make good moves to kill them.
  • The game owns many different locations, and indeed the number in each location is large for people to complete.
  • Zombies in this game possess different shapes, and certainly, they will have weaknesses for you to take advantage of.
  • Many weapons with different destructive power are waiting for players to unlock and increase the chances of winning.

Zombie 3D Shooter v1.3.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (54M)

Download (54M)

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