Download Zombie Derby 2 v1.0.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Derby 2 Mod APK takes players to paths filled with dangerous zombies and diverse obstacles. Players need to use the gas to complete a game screen well.

Zombie Derby 2 is set in an apocalyptic world where players are forced to escape from bloodthirsty zombies using vehicles. With the gas, they will travel a certain distance and use the money to upgrade the car to reach a new location. They can also find various levels in the game, and when they complete them, new cars will be unlocked.

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Zombie Derby 2


In Zombie Derby 2, players will control a war vehicle and try to travel the farthest distance with the amount of gas it owns. At the same time, the path that the player traverses is uneven and safe because there are enemies they are forced to face. Bloodthirsty zombies completely monopolize the world in this game, and they will try to stop the player’s progress. In addition, the environment in the game has been devastated, and many obstacles appear.

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Players will go to a tutorial level to familiarize themselves with the game’s controls. At the same time, players will be able to use the fire button to clear the obstacles ahead and use the gas pedal to move forward. In addition, the player will also need to tilt the device to be able to adjust the vehicle’s brake when landing. This control mechanism will be easily accessible to players, and after completing the tutorial level, they will move on to the official levels.

Zombie Derby 2


One point to note when players experience Zombie Derby 2 is that the car in the tutorial screen will often be better than the car you get in the game. It will be bigger than the car you unlock later and have more gas. At the same time, gasoline is an element that any player needs to use correctly because if you run out of gas halfway, you will only go to a single game screen. So there are many ways for you to save on your gas.

The player’s environment is full of zombies that you need to go to stab to continue your level. Also, some obstacles can be used this way but will be more effective when you attack; it’s far away to be unobstructed for a brief moment. The road you take is never flat, so there will be steep slopes to gain momentum and fly in the air. Of course, in that case, you should release the gas pedal so as not to waste gas.

Over time, a new energy source is introduced to players that is nitro when they can accelerate their car without using gasoline. Of course, it also has a similar limit to gas, and you should usually use it while in the air and trying to increase speed. Each level in this game has challenges that you must overcome, and often players will need to replay a level many times to complete it.

Zombie Derby 2


After you complete the tutorial in Zombie Derby 2, you will be able to unlock your first bike, which is Veteran, and it’s not as cool as the one you tried earlier. In addition, its gasoline quantity is also quite limited and requires an upgrade. You will continue to find a list of other vehicles of different sizes and designs. So, you will be attracted to them and need to pass the different levels.

Players to replay a level multiple times because the player completely lacks the gas needed to complete it. So the player will need to make some upgrades to his car. The game offers many different parts that can be upgraded, such as fuel tanks, wheels, weapons, and other elements. At the same time, in the process of playing, you will receive money and should think about which part is reasonable to use this money. In most cases, it will be gasoline to go longer distances.

Zombie Derby 2

Players will control a vehicle that goes through many different levels:

  • Players will enter an apocalyptic world where instability and bloodthirsty zombies appear to prevent them from completing the level.
  • With the amount of gas they have, players are forced to try to move, go a certain distance, and handle the obstacles they see.
  • Over time, there will be a new type of energy introduced that is nitro, which is one way to help you save gas and complete the level well.
  • The number of vehicles that you can control is completely varied in style, and they require the player to complete a requirement to unlock.
  • The cars all have different characteristics that can be upgraded over time to make them more powerful and long-distance.

Zombie Derby 2 v1.0.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (54M)

Download (54M)

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