Download Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven v3.0.10 APK (Unlocked All Chapters)

Zombie Exodus opens up a whole new world of horror, where fear is mixed with dangers and excitement because of an engaging plot. You will create your journey!

Zombie Exodus is a role-playing game on a character from the hit novel by Jim Dattilo. With the rapid spread of Zeta’s virus, the whole city is gradually turning into zombies. Freedom to choose characters and build your own story. What kind of person will you become, and what role will you play in this thrilling novel?!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

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In Zombie Exodus, there are a total of nineteen types of occupations such as robbers, doctors, soldiers, etc. The first thing you need to do is choose your favorite character. Each character will have their own personality and way of acting. Parallel to that is their influence on the city. Doctors save people, and robbers commit crimes; soldiers protect people. Each character has its own unique story and exciting points.

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Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven


This is not a visual and sound game but a novel form of the game. All will be built based on an existing context. However, the player will decide the direction of the story development. There will be action options, and players will choose according to their will. Based on your character, overcome challenges and dangers, find yourself a way of life so as not to turn into a zombie. The game helps stimulate imagination and logic when the story is now simulated in your head. Build a brand new story yourself!


There are unexpected encounters between the characters in the game. They are the survivors in the city. Gather as a team to survive together. There is a bond between you and any character. It could be taking care of a baby or something else. Here are the challenges for you. The meeting also makes you understand more about the personalities and stories of many other characters.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven


  • Survival novel game, no images, and sounds, all written, and you will imagine the scenes yourself
  • Choose a character from nineteen different occupations, each with their own unique characteristics
  • Build your own thrilling story by your choices in each situation
  • Meeting and interacting with many other characters is inevitable. Discover their personalities and interesting stories
  • Try to survive in a city where everyone is turning into zombies, next find a way out for yourself

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven v3.0.10 MOD APK (Unlocked All Chapters) Download

Download (16M)

Download (16M)

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