Download AndroPods v1.5.19 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

AndroPods v1.5.19 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

AndroPods Mod APK is a management app and tool to help you make better use of your Apple headphones.

Those who have never used an Apple product will find it difficult to appreciate the device’s system. They occasionally wish to use something comparable to Apple tools. For example, users may wish to connect their Bluetooth earphones in the same manner as an Airpod. Or someone who uses AirPods on their Android phone. AndroPods come in handy!!!

The software adds the following functions to your AirPods (Pro, Powerbeats Pro) on Android. The battery level indicator will appear in the window with animation, just like the original, and will display the AirPods battery level (adjustable) and % in the notification icon. After plugging and unplugging the AirPods, the ear detection will halt and resume playback. Tapping on the AirPods activates Voice Assistant (4 taps).

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AndroPods assists many people and offers a simple control method. Give the application rights for location detection (required for Bluetooth LE discovery) and window overlays on the initial launch (for popup). Select the desired options and turn on the service. That’s it!

When nothing is playing in the background, Voice Assistant will activate. This is an Android constraint, and all other apps function similarly. Please do not leave negative feedback as a result of this limitation. Assume you detect any problems with battery level refresh (it happens rarely or does not happen at all). In that scenario, you might try adding an application to the white list in the battery efficiency settings on your phone.

AndroPods v1.5.19 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (5M)

Download (5M)

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