Download Gacha Lavender v1.3.4 APK (MOD, Mega Menu)

Gacha Lavender Mod APK – What club are you going to join? Create your own anime-style characters and dress them in your preferred attire to get the party started!

Which organization do you have your sights set on joining if you are able to do so? You may get the party started by creating your own anime characters and outfitting them in clothes that reflect your own unique sense of style, and this will definitely impress everyone.

You can access tens of thousands of haircuts, clothing, weapons, and other accessories in this game. After you have finished creating your characters, you should make your way to the Studio so that you can put them in any location that your imagination can conjure up. Your animals and other things can be arranged however you like against any of the backgrounds you choose to choose. You will not incur any additional costs in order to personalize the goods.

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When players participate in video games in which they are able to create their own characters, they are treated to a truly unique experience. They are given the freedom to use their imagination to reimagine ten main characters and ninety supporting characters. The vast majority of the things that you will earn as you progress through this game have the ability to change colors. The figures have a total of 600 different stances that can be animated using their posing capabilities.

You are able to completely personalize your player character by making purchases in the shop. You can change the color of their eyes, the color of their hair, the style of clothing they wear, and even the individual strands of hair on their head. You can customize a wide variety of various creatures and accessories by selecting them from a large catalog of available options and then adding your unique spin to them. Make sure that each of your fictional characters has a distinct persona of their own.


  • You may personalize the appearance of 10 major characters and 90 other characters!
  • Alter the appearance of practically all of your objects by changing their colors!
  • You may pick from one of over 600 distinct stances!
  • Modify your characters’ appearance by giving them different hair, eyes, and stuff!
  • Pick from among hundreds of critters and items, then modify them to your liking!
  • Make sure each of your characters has their own unique profile!
  • You may now import and export the characters of your friends!

Gacha Lavender v1.3.4 APK (MOD, Mega Menu) Download

Download (334M)

Download (334M)

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