Download Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena v1.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Ragdoll Rage Mod APK is a unique challenge for you to fight hundreds of other opponents in a 1:1 battle directly. You will carefully select the characters appearing on the list and decide for yourself.

Ragdoll Rage unleashes the player’s abilities in face-to-face challenges, using whatever gun is provided to take down opponents. However, how the character moves will drive you crazy without specific research. For each character, the player can select them from the list and press start. At that time, the arena with random opponents will appear, and the bonus amount will automatically enter your pocket when the opponent is defeated. The updated version has added a new Battle Royale mode to this experience; conquer it!

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Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena


Each player will be given multiple guns; however, Ragdoll Rage will not play them simultaneously. After the battle begins, you will be officially confronted with the enemy. If you are not satisfied with the gun delivered, wait until the system fires a new gun and return to the starting point to exchange the gun. In a tense 1:1 battle, the right will go to the player who has the most intelligent way to control the character. The gun tournament will continue to drag on, and you can test your skills against hundreds of other opponents.

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At the interface of the waiting room, players will choose a suitable character to use in the upcoming match. Ragdoll Rage offers dozens of new faces, each with different stories. Besides, the freedom of choice also helps you find your favorite character. The list is limited when a few characters have not been unlocked; they will appear when you reach the ability to own. You’ll soon find the character you’re looking for from specific name tags and images.

Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena


The fight will last until one of the two subjects falls. Ragdoll Rage owns an automatic observation and calculation system. The bonus amount will be added directly to the pocket when you defeat the opponent. Moreover, many of the benefits for the winner are also applied to the next round. In the box placed on the top, you will find magic potions. They help you overcome pain when injured, immortal for a few seconds, or double strength. The weapons used will also be upgraded if you own this power.


Ragdoll Rage becomes the most special playground with many strange characters and unique battles. Each turn, you will be confronted with an opponent; the randomness will make the fun more mysterious. Multiple winner offers will be distributed as soon as the winner is determined. In addition to some exciting content, the system’s improvements are also noted as the game’s performance is significantly improved. In the future fun, if everything is balanced and a new story is also added, we will have more modes for you to experience.

Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena


  • Join the fun as a character controller, helping them outmaneuver their opponents in 1:1 matches.
  • Improve your combat skills through beginner training and performing basic exercises.
  • Control your character to move simply; control the power when jumping or running.
  • Choose the character you want to join the game, unlock new characters, and get acquainted.
  • Get special rewards, including coins, skill points, and winner benefits.

Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena v1.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (73M)

Download (73M)

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