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Inspired by the famous deck of the same name, Exploding Kittens® – Official is released with a digital version. If you are a fan of online cards, then it is true love in your entertainment world. The main characters in the game are adorable, mischievous kittens that have the ability to explode. When participating in this game, your goal is: straightforward avoid drawing cards containing explosive kittens at all costs.


Basically, Exploding Kittens is started with cards face down; no one knows their true value. Taking turns clockwise, the players will draw cards from their table. If the card you draw is Exploding Kitten, you are forced to stop the game here. Everyone will continue the game until only one person survives. He is also the champion of the online card battle. Sounds simple, boring, right? But the reality is much tougher and more challenging!


First of all, the deck will be shuffled without any rules, and a player will receive seven cards face down. During the process of distributing the article, if there is a piece of paper with the same content as the suggestion for you. It tells you to deal with only four cards instead of 7 as the original convention. Would you please not take that advice because it’s a classic liar?

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Criteria for the first lesson

Who will be the first to turn in the cards? Depending on each specific hand, we will have a few standards for this event. Those criteria exist directly on the character’s body, including the person with the thickest or most impressive beard, even the most unpleasant body odor, etc. This small detail also makes players extremely excited and passionate about the game.


The specific way to play is as follows: After flipping the card, you place it on top of the pile. There will be two forms under each card; there will be two forms; one is a guide, the other is an empty card. If you encounter the first case, take advantage of doing as it has instructed to be able to own and play more cards! So do as many tutorials as possible. That’s to your advantage. Where there are no instructions, you need to use them as a pair. Select a player, then steal a random card to combine with the empty card you currently own.


Your draw will end with a random draw from the top of the pile. Indeed everyone hoped it wasn’t a Booming Kitten, right? However, one perk exclusive to you in Exploding Kittens is the See the Future card. True to its name, you can see the future of the card you are about to turn up when using it. If you’re unlucky, it’s an Exploding Kitten; you can use the Skip card to end your draw.


In addition to the vision card above, initially participating, each player is given an additional Defuse card. This is the luckiest and most privileged trump card. Using it means you get rid of life if you turn over the unlucky card. Instead of having to leave the game in progress, you’ll be playing the decoder card and placing the exploding kitten anywhere on the pile.


Do you remember the rule of Exploding Kittens that will end the game when there is only one person who did not turn over the ill-fated Exploding Kitten card? Therefore, the number of Exploding Kittens that are placed in the official hand will be less than the number of people participating in a card. For example, for a 4-player hand, the game will insert 3 Exploding Kittens. That rule ensures that all players will own it, except for the eventual winner.


Are you curious about the number and members participating in the game with you? Specifically, Exploding Kittens allows a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 for each hand. In general, it is similar to the other card games, and your opponents are the people you know. An acquaintance here is understood both in the virtual world and in the real world. You invite your teammates to join using your username. Since each character has a unique username, it is easy to invite and avoid confusion.


If you want to challenge yourself with unfamiliar opponents, the game also helps you by allowing online connections with many different players. Because this is a highly strategic game that requires players to use many ingenious playing methods. The exchange with friends from all over the world has helped you make many new friends. But besides that, it also helps you learn, accumulate many unique and exciting playing experiences.

Exploding Kittens v5.3.5 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Download (54M)

Download (54M)

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