Download Draw Weapon 3D v1.2.6 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Draw Weapon 3D gives players enjoyable times with fun battles and weapons they will draw. They will be able to create a variety of weapons and unlock new ones after defeating many powerful enemies

Draw Weapon 3D is a fighting game that brings a whole new experience to players when they will be the ones to decide which weapon they will use. They will draw weapons with different shapes, and they will appear for them to use and help them overcome enemy types and receive impressive rewards.

Draw Weapon 3D Draw Weapon 3D

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If you are looking for a new feeling of fighting, then an exciting choice for you is Draw Weapon 3D. Similar to the game’s name, players will be the ones to draw the weapons they see from the ideas that the game provides. These weapons will be used entirely in different matches, and each match brings fun to the players. So this is a suitable game to keep you entertained quite well.

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The game does not require too much skill from the player because the control method is not too complicated. Specifically, the character’s action has only two buttons, throw and attack. You will appear in a location and be surrounded by a bottomless abyss. So you will use your attacks to push the enemy until they fall off the footing. Each level offers different types of enemies with other weapons that you face.

Draw Weapon 3D Draw Weapon 3D


Before starting a battle in Draw Weapon 3D, the first job that you need to do is draw a weapon with the models that the game gives. This job is not too difficult, but ink strokes limit it. So you need to draw the essential elements, and if ink remains, you can add as many other elements as you like. You will be redirected to the battle after you have completed the drawing process and pressed the fight button.

You will see your enemy and two action buttons that you can take. You will realize an interesting point when the character pulls out the drawing you have completed, turning it into a specific weapon. At the same time, some drawings will sometimes make it difficult for players to imagine the product they receive. In addition, you will perform powerful and continuous attacks by pressing the attack and throwing weapons at the enemy. The weapon will reappear after you throw it away.

Draw Weapon 3D Draw Weapon 3D


You will participate in different battles and meet many enemies with various weapons in Draw Weapon 3D. You’ll find a way to defeat them, and before the match begins, you can change the pattern to choose a different weapon you can craft. At the same time, you will know which level you are in, thanks to a progress bar, and it also signals when you meet a boss. Of course, there will always be weapons to counter them, like the bazooka.

The interesting point when you pass many levels is the feeling of entertainment and the impressive rewards you receive. You will unlock many new weapons in the shop and skins to buy because they require you to reach a certain level.

The fighting battles give players a new feeling thanks to:

  • The battle mechanics are accessible, and anyone can quickly master them to overcome various challenges.
  • The number of weapons they can draw is completely varied in type, and every time they start the battle, they can be surprised with the weapons they receive.
  • They are free to choose which weapon models they can draw to change the experience as their wishes.’
  • There are many types of enemies with different shapes and equipment that you will face and always have the right weapon to fight them.
  • Many levels give you impressive rewards and a chance to unlock more weapons in the future.

Draw Weapon 3D v1.2.6 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (96M)

Download (96M)

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