Download Cafe Panic v1.37.8a MOD APK (Free Outfits, Unlimited Currency)

Cafe Panic Mod APK – Open a coffee shop and join the culinary game craze. Cook new foods and record them in a diary. Travel and become a famous chef.

Participate in the ever-expanding subgenre of games involving virtual cafe management. Make your dishes, and keep a journal where you document your experiences in the kitchen. If you put yourself out there and cook for people from different parts of the world, you will quickly become famous.

You can earn the title of Master Chef by competing in both the weekly and the online tournaments to win the most points overall. There are over seven hundred levels to play, 360 different dishes to prepare, 60 different customers to take care of, and a new season to discover every month in this game. As you progress through the game, the mental challenge you will need to overcome will become increasingly difficult as the number of customers and orders increases. If your cafe is doing so well, why don’t you try opening another location in Japan or France? As you go from country to country, you’ll find that each region has its distinctive cuisine and set of customs associated with the various seasons.

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Your ability to invest in new equipment, maintain that equipment, and regularly update it is critical to the success of your coffee shop. Try some new things in terms of the ingredients you use and the methods you use to prepare them. There will be an increase in price for Kebabs, Frozen Green Tea, and Unicorn Frappuccinos. By sprucing up the decor in your cafe, you can turn it into a hip hangout spot where people can socialize while eating waffles and cookies. Training can teach anyone, whether a man or a woman, how to make delicious chocolates and coffee. Playing Coffee Drop during the buffer time will allow you to unlock a wide variety of different rewards. If you don’t make the Wi-Fi area more bearable, people will go crazy and stop paying for it.


  • Enjoy the bonus time and drop coffee drops to collect tons of prizes
  • You can choose between a girl and a boy to train an expert in making the best coffees and chocolates.
  • Decorate your cafe to make it a place where people can enjoy delicious waffles and cookies!
  • Discover new and more complex recipes. Customers will pay more for Unicorn Frappes, Kebabs, and Frozen Green Teas!
  • Buy new machines, upgrade them and provide maintenance.
  • You have the opportunity to open a cafe in Japan or France. You will find new recipes and decorations in every country.
  • Each level will present a challenge to your mind. The number of orders and customers will increase and you will need to be there as fast as possible.
  • There are more than 700 LEVELS and 360 RECIPES and 60 customers who complete new seasons each month.
  • Take on other players online to challenge them and win the weekly tournament to become Master Chef.

Cafe Panic v1.37.8a MOD APK (Free Outfits, Unlimited Currency) Download

Download (140M)

Download (140M)

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