Download Dictionary v11.0.5 APK (Full Paid) Dictionary v11.0.5 APK (Full Paid) Dictionary Mod APK – A dictionary that may be used offline and covers 51 different language pairings. will be an application that can assist and improve the ability of individuals in language acquisition in a straightforward and fast way. One of the first and most essential lessons for learning any language will be learning new vocabulary to describe things. And the same goes for studying German and English or multiple languages ​​simultaneously because you will need to understand the meaning of words in German through English or vice versa. To do this in the best way, an electronic dictionary will be essential, maximizing your translation ability. And this will be an application you should not miss when providing your users with 51 different language pairs to maximize their language learning.

One of the first special features that the application wishes to be able to provide to its users is the use of offline mode. With this mode, your mobile phone will not need to be connected to wifi or the Internet to be able to use the translation features that the application supports. The application will also allow users to download and update vocabulary quickly and continuously for free. At the same time, if you choose to use, this “plus” version can add many other special features that the regular version does not have. One of those that needs to be mentioned first is using the full dictionary lookup feature without encountering annoying ads.

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Besides, the application provides its users with many advanced features to maximize their translation support in this version. The first is that you can check the historical list of words that you have looked up recently in a very convenient way. Not only that, but the application will also allow you to use the favorite function to mark the words you need to memorize or are interested in just by pressing a button. And users will be able to optimize their language learning with vocabulary quizzes so that new words can be memorized easily. Finally, the most advanced feature the application can bring to advanced users is to learn the language with a vocabulary coach so that you can receive precious lessons from an expert. Dictionary v11.0.5 APK (Full Paid) Download

Download (8M)

Download (8M)

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