Download DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS v1.1.0 MOD APK (Free Craft, God Mod, Infinite Item)

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS Mod APK – Explore a universe constructed of blocks as you collect, create, and build to combat the wicked Dragonlord!

Build anywhere from anywhere in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS, available now on mobile. Brought to you by SQUARE ENIX!

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In this “Block-Building RPG,” YOU play the role of a renowned builder who has the ability to construct things. The wicked and deceitful Dragonlord, who is the king of all monsters, has cast a shadow over the realm of Alefgard, bringing it to a state of complete darkness. To bring Alefgard back to its former glory, you will need to go on an epic journey.

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You will fight a variety of enemies, including Dragons, Golems, and Slimes. The continued existence of humanity is in jeopardy from a wide variety of monsters from the DRAGON QUEST series. In order to defend your base from the monsters, you will need to construct weapons and fortifications, as well as engage in combat. When facing terrifying foes in fast-paced, action-packed battle, make the most of your abilities to construct and use strategy.


Everything you observe in this universe built of bricks may be utilized as a component in the creation of something new! Grow crops, make a variety of things, and construct your stronghold in order to bring together the individuals that are wandering the ruins. You have complete control over every aspect of the appearance of your community, from individual buildings to huge villages. You have the key to success when it comes to construction in the palm of your hand!

Simply pressing the screen will place blocks, and using specialized cursors will make it much simpler to demolish blocks and stuff. In addition to this, a user-friendly “Undo” button feature has been included so that your previous actions may be undone. Convert your structures into Build Cards to give to your pals, and then scan their cards to see their buildings appear on your island.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS v1.1.0 MOD APK (Free Craft, God Mod, Infinite Item) Download

Download (600M)

Download (600M)

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