Download Jewel Magic Castle v1.24.0 MOD APK (Auto Win)

Jewel Magic Castle is a wizarding world filled with mysteries that need you to come and discover. Combine the stones together and create great combos to hunt for treasure inside the castle.

This will be a completely new game combined with a fascinating and engaging witch story; you will be adventured to a new world and uncover the secrets hidden inside by breaking the multiple-color stones and performing assigned tasks.

Jewel Magic Castle Jewel Magic Castle

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Jewel Magic Castle will lead you to exciting new journeys so you can learn more fascinating things. In this game, you will be tasked with finding traces of the treasure hidden inside this mysterious castle. However, finding it is not easy; you need to go through countless challenges and overcome witches to reach the treasure. Use simple gameplay to move stones of the same color together, plus you can create great combos to win high scores and advance to the next level.

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Although it is a game designed with gameplay, you will still experience extremely complex challenges; besides, you need to use good thinking and control operations to be able to arrange the stones one by one reasonable way. In addition, the game will provide you with more than 1000 different stages with diverse playing contexts, and the game brings. Different challenges that require you to overcome quickly will appear in each level, but it will not be easy to break the obstacles that you need to create more combos to deal with the challenges.


To make the quest easier, Jewel Magic Castle will give you exciting items after each level you go through. In addition, you have to move the stones as much as possible to complete the task quickly. If you are worried about not overcoming challenges at higher levels, the items you get will be a stepping stone to help you conquer challenging goals. In addition, a unique feature of this game is that it has no turn limit, so whenever you are free, you can immediately join the treasure hunt.

Jewel Magic Castle Jewel Magic Castle


  • Become a human in the wizarding world and join the hunt for the valuable treasure hidden inside this castle; it’s time for you to start this arduous journey
  • The game will lead you to unique play spaces containing colorful stones and rare jewels for you to perform tasks
  • Using simple operations to control the game, your task is to move the stones of the same color together like previous match-3 games and create great combos
  • Face thousands of different challenges through 1000 levels of play with exciting modes, many obstacles will appear in later levels that you have to overcome
  • Complete each level and get various items to use when facing complex challenges, plus you will be free to experience by unlimited plays

Jewel Magic Castle v1.24.0 MOD APK (Auto Win) Download

Download (46M)

Download (46M)

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