Download Life on Earth v1.8.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)

In this idle tycoon game Life on Earth Mod APK, evolution begins with a virus, then spores, then dinosaurs, and finally humans.

“Life on Earth” is not your typical time-wasting game; rather, it is a serious educational simulation on the history of life on Earth. You will not only have the opportunity to play simple and entertaining idle evolution games, but you will also be able to get knowledge about strange old species and human culture.

Over the course of 4 billion years, life has developed. It has just been one million years since humans first evolved from other primates. On the scale of the history of life, we barely represent a few minutes’ worth of time. In the battle against nature, these enormous prehistoric animals have stepped from the water onto land, from the low level onto the high level, and they have painted a vivid and dazzling historical picture on the Earth, which is our shared home.

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You are a member of the scientific staff working at the paleontology lab. You will be able to learn about the history of paleontology, create a blueprint for the development of life, and solve the riddles of life with the assistance of your robot helper.


  • This is a light-hearted game of waiting around. You may experience the genuine thrill of the game while spending less time and making less efforts.
  • In the game Life On Earth, there is a wealth of expert information on extinct animals, you may gain knowledge in new fields that you were previously ignorant of, and you can experience the awesome power of the development of life!
  • Reconstructing the myriad genuine forms that ancient species once possessed, exhibiting their ways of life and routines, and simulating what it was like to interact with ancient creatures in person. Observing the progression of life from simple spores to fish, dinosaurs, and eventually humans.
  • Enhance the intellectual equipment technology and, using the power of technology, work to revive the process of life’s evolutionary process while also accelerating the rate of life’s evolutionary pace.
  • Improve the technology related to evolution, hasten the process of the evolution of paleontology, create a blueprint for the evolution of life, and discover the secrets of life.

Life on Earth v1.8.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP) Download

Download (117M)

Download (117M)

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