Download SovietCar: Classic v1.1.2 MOD APK (Unlocked All Cars, No ADS)

SovietCar: Classic Mod APK is an entertaining game that simulates cities so you can enjoy life in your car; this is a pretty idle game, so you don’t have to do much and just enjoy everything.

Players will start the mission and accompany their supercar, an interesting thing in the game is that you will be back in time to the decade when choosing Soviet-style cars. This game has a rather idle style, so you just have to enjoy the city and walk everywhere on this map, along with adjusting or decorating the car to become more beautiful.

SovietCar: Classic

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If you are passionate about driving games but not for dramatic moments looking for the fastest way to the finish line, simply walk around the city on your supercar. The game will give you a comfortable space with light driving moments, so at the start, you will be free to choose the cars that suit your style and start enjoying the fun that this game offers.

All you need to do is perform the tasks that the game requires with basic operations when controlling the car. Plus you’re free to decorate your car to make it more impressive with basic accessories and add unique styles to make your car stand out.

SovietCar: Classic


The game is built with super sharp 3D graphics so you can feel the details better and you can experience it in both first-person and third-person perspective will lead players to the most wonderful spaces so that you get the feeling that you are really sitting on this supercar. In addition, the city is simulated with many different routes for you to experience anytime, anywhere, but do not forget the assigned tasks because it will greatly contribute to your supercar modification. Earn a lot of cars to be able to upgrade and unlock more new cars if you want.

SovietCar: Classic


SovietCar: Classic is a driving game with diverse game modes to not create boredom for players. You can spend hours in your car and this is also a way for you to relax in this game. The game will provide you with a rich map with great designs in the Soviet city. Through that, you are allowed to leave the car to see everything more easily and change the camera mode on the car. In particular, you are also free to adjust the vehicle control mode depending on the playing style of each person. However, in order not to have trouble when controlling, please edit the modes on your screen clearly so that you can easily observe.

SovietCar: Classic


A game with an idle gameplay style will certainly not disappoint you with the features it brings. In addition, SovietCar: Classic is designed with super sharp 3D graphics so that players can get a more realistic feeling. You can simultaneously experience the game modes and see the city, but don’t forget your mission. Each job you are assigned will have different characteristics and you must complete it to upgrade your supercar. The game will give you a car system with decorative items that you can unlock with rewards for each mission, so owning many cars or not is up to your ability.

SovietCar: Classic


  • Enjoy your life by driving on the beautiful roads of the Soviet Union and freely choose the unique cars that suit your style
  • The game is designed with simple but unattractive gameplay with super sharp 3D graphics so that players can feel more clearly about the street as well as experience the great feeling of driving.
  • Start performing the assigned tasks but it will not be too difficult to do because this is a pretty idle game, so you will use simple operations to control and earn extra income
  • Experience the Soviet city with its beautiful roads, plus you can change your perspective by adjusting the camera in the car and observing everything around
  • The game will give you a diverse map covering the whole city and now you can go to the places you want or even get off the car to see everything

SovietCar: Classic v1.1.2 MOD APK (Unlocked All Cars, No ADS) Download

Download (125M)

Download (125M)

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