Download Stickman Hook v9.0.17 MOD APK (Unlocked, No Ads)

Stickman Hook will bring enjoyable activities for players, such as swinging over obstacles with a rope, moving with the hook, and dropping yourself in the middle of a large space. Your goal is the finish line ahead; complete it.

Stickman Hook creates new exciting content, such as performing the task of hanging yourself with a hook. Everything that happens makes you exclaim about your strength. Like a spiderman trapped in a sealed box, find a way out and hide. The finish line is decorated in classic colors for easy identification. The length of the challenge will depend on the difficulty of the level. If you make a mistake and can’t continue in the process of overcoming an obstacle, start over. If you have trouble using your tablet when accessing, the stuck error has been fixed, don’t worry!

Stickman Hook Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook’s character collection is extremely diverse. All of these faces are extremely mischievous as well as dynamic. You will have to control them with simple control commands on the screen. First of all, get to know a rabbit. The rabbit’s high and long jumps will take precedence when showing off your performance. A bluebird, but can’t fly. It is the next character that will be introduced. The more traditional are the stick people, you can add them appropriate costumes. Will a sandwich make you satisfied? Don’t worry, it’s all under your control and moves only at your command!

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Stickman Hook is a prime example of the most dangerous activities, always bringing pleasant surprises to players. Players will witness how the screws move along the way. But you won’t cross this stretch on your feet. The biggest challenge lies in the fact that you will have to jump at the starting line and then throw yourself in the air. The piece of rope attached to the hook will help you move. It’s magic, but you need to throw them into the screw accurately. The image of your body flying between obstacles is interesting. The finish line is ahead; you are counted as successful with your mission when you cross it and keep yourself safe.

Stickman Hook


The screws and hooks are linked together by precise throwing by Stickman Hook players to combine them. The road segment will have a lot of screws, but your hovering in the air will affect the process of determining the accuracy of the destination. Challenges are placed in each level. Going through the puzzle at this level, you can unlock new levels and keep challenging yourself. One thing to keep in mind when participating in the game is that the length of the path will increase when you encounter a difficult level to conquer. But if the player understands the principle of operation of those items, moving will no longer cause difficulties for you.


Stickman Hook makes you unable to leave when special offers an exciting experience like never before. The player is like a spider man using his hook and rope expertly. Unfortunate cases that occur can be re-executed without any problems. If you are interested in this content, experiencing it with friends is a great option. The character collection is always available with famous names, and you can freely make your choice. Beautiful graphics and smooth effects will be the biggest support the system offers you.

Stickman Hook Stickman Hook


  • Discover new and exciting content that involves powerful activities like overcoming the challenge of hanging in the air moving with a rope and a hook. There are many challenges ahead for you to experience.
  • Do the first job to be able to join the game, which is to choose the character you want from the collection provided by the system. Emphasizing freedom of choice, you can start with any face.
  • There is no direct opponent; however, you will have other opponents on the leaderboards. Prominent names always contest the top position. Can you do what we ask?
  • Discover how the piece of rope you’ll be using works, test the hook before the fun begins. Throw your hook precisely towards the hook position to make sure you don’t free-fall during the match.
  • Get well-deserved rewards when you reach the finish line safely and complete your mission. Players can receive the right to level up or equip new ropes for their future challenges.

Stickman Hook v9.0.17 MOD APK (Unlocked, No Ads) Download

Download (86M)

Download (86M)

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