Download Tank Hero v1.9.7 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit)

In Tank Hero Mod APK – the tank conflict has started, and the adversaries have assembled. Now all you can do is defend against waves of opposing tanks, then locate a moment to counterattack.

Tank Hero will take you to non-stop tank battles between two armies of good and evil. This is a unique action role-playing game with a rhythmic combination of natural elements and new features. The game’s attraction this time is the fiery scenes, with separate life and death and, more significantly, the clear context. Each challenge will be given in the game, and the player will continuously perform those challenges to save the world from danger.

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games

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Many groups of troops come together and have a mission to eliminate the excellent army from the world forever. Because the awesome group always opposes the evil the atrocities and always comes up with policies to save the country. Players will be role-playing a character of the good army and fight all the evil monsters against the darkness.

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Tank Hero will provide players with battle tanks and excellent upgraded engines. The wars went on and on, and more and more conflicts were constantly arising. The enemy’s army is trying to call our allies to oppose us, and they do not use cowardly tricks to destroy and destroy us. Our side faces a slight disadvantage because the accompanying force is much less, but our fighting will is excellent.

Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games Tank Hero – Awesome tank war games


We need to discuss the battle strategy carefully before participating in this war because it is difficult if not carefully defined. Instead of attacking directly, we can prepare well defensive and defensive strategies to attack longer. Aim at a long distance to avoid enemies who can hardly determine where we are. Upgrade weapons in Tank Hero to be able to fight them easily and not take too long to destroy.


In addition to upgrading weapons, the tank will also be upgraded to a new level, and it is also the most formidable means of damage of the era. Besides, he also tried to recruit soldiers with goodwill to join forces to attack the evil enemies. More than 100 high-level skills will allow players to choose to quickly defeat the other enemies and bring peace to the world.


  • Controls are straightforward: drag to run and release to attack.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your weapons and other equipment at any time, otherwise you will be unable to battle against the more powerful adversaries.
  • More than 100 talents are available for you to pick from, and you may employ them to enhance your firepower.
  • Unique Talent: A collection of talents that have been picked at random to provide you with a permanent boost.
  • Stronger Bosses: Conquer powerful Bosses, each of whom is more powerful than the last.

Tank Hero v1.9.7 MOD APK (God Mode/One Hit) Download

Download (238M)

Download (238M)

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