Download Forest Camp Story v1.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points/Items)

Forest Camp Story is a new name that is very attractive to players. If you are one of those who are passionate about camping and love nature, this is a great choice. The game provides participants with everything to experience fascinating camping sessions. Together with friends and relatives, build a comprehensive campsite. Enjoy delicious food and entertainment together. Publisher Kairosoft Co Ltd always updates and improves many attractive features.

Forest Camp Story


After a hard day’s work, everyone wants to find a moment to relax. Therefore, the publisher was swift to catch up with the trend. Surely everyone wants to take time off to go camping. Indulge in fun and thrilling games. When participating in Forest Camp Story, players will be able to build their own campsite. And this is also the main task of the player when participating in this game.

Players will have to build and manage the campsite properly. The game system will provide valuable items for construction. Get the land area and location that the game provides to create a comfortable and modern campsite. A beautiful atmosphere is waiting for players to experience days of fun. Players will have to build a lot of details, requiring logical thinking while arranging everything.

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Forest Camp Story


It can be said that what makes Forest Camp Story so attractive to many participants in the beautiful areas it offers. One factor that makes the game successful is the graphics with 3D graphics to create vivid and extremely eye-catching images. All the images built in the game are awe-inspiring. Players will have to admire when participating in the game because the graphics are too top-notch.

A campsite will be divided into many areas. Each area will have its own highlights and featured images. For example, amusement park, camping area, dining area;… Most of the details in the game are built with bright colors to bring a cool and comfortable space for customers to come—a camping experience. The images in the game are hilarious and lovely. The characters are interested in costumes, and facial expressions, combined with vivid images, are fun sounds that bring a sense of comfort.

Forest Camp Story


When participating in the game, the player will be the manager of this campsite. Make plans to build and develop your campsite. At the same time, provide attractive services to customers. The more customers come, the more money the player receives. Can I join without camping experience? Of course, yes, this is a game suitable for all ages. This is a straightforward game without having to use any complicated tactics.

When starting to join Forest Camp Story, players will receive instructions from the system. The game hints displayed on the screen will be of great help to the participants. Participants need to know how to arrange items scientifically to attract more people to camp. Boldly invest big in many projects to develop the campsite and expand the area and upgrade the service to take care of customers in the best way.

Forest Camp Story


Not only is the builder of the campsite, but the player can also experience it with friends and relatives. Coming to the game, participants will be in harmony with the best moments. There are many facilities in the campground for players to join. So what does a perfect camping time look like? Players will be taught how to set up a tent for a safe night of sleep.

In addition, players can also enjoy delicious and beautiful dishes. There are also recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts, maybe fishing in a lake or hanging out with your friends. Players can choose any experience if they want. When passing more and more levels, participants will be able to open more features. Players can also take photos to keep memories with friends. All activities while camping has their own meaning, and players will keep those beautiful moments.

Take on the role of an intelligent and knowledgeable manager. Build a monumental and modern campsite. Join Forest Camp Story for a fun camping experience. You are constantly expanding and upgrading your campsite to make it known to many people. Always change the look of the campsite to provide the best service to customers. Together with friends and family, create impressive memories.

Forest Camp Story v1.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points/Items) Download

Download (38.57 MB)

Download (38.57 MB)

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