Download Wi-Fi Monitor Pro v2.6.8 APK (PAID/Patched)

Wi-Fi Monitor Pro v2.6.8 APK (PAID/Patched)

Wi-Fi Monitor Pro is a utility tool that helps you observe and monitor your Wi-Fi, analyze the status, and monitor the parameters of the Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Monitor Pro allows you to monitor parameters such as frequency, signal strength, connection speed, and much more, making it easier for you to observe and test your Wi-Fi network easily and quickly. With many outstanding features, set up many Tabs to serve you in testing such as Connection Tab, Network Tab, Channel Tab, along with graphs showing network strength.

WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks


In the 4.0 period, the country develops in the direction of industrialization – modernization, leading to the development of technology, social networks become more popular and closer to everyone. To be able to access the internet requires Wi-Fi or mobile data, so to make the process of using social networks smoother. Wi-Fi Monitor Pro was born and helped users solve complex problems about accessing, monitoring, and observing Wi-Fi networks, setting up monitoring modes, routers. Much more to help users keep an eye on their Wi-Fi network quickly and easily monitor your network access as well as control virtual access.

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WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks


The outstanding feature of this application is the ability to backup data to a log file and export it to another application. The ad blocker and the sap memory setting save income data so that users can observe their Wi-Fi network more optimally and quickly. You will get a report scan message of foreign devices installed in the router giving you greater control. Track access rights information, compare available Wi-Fi networks, hotspot security options help you set up a router that supports testing and monitoring of your Wi-Fi network.


The better the connection quality when setting up the router, the higher the signal strength, the more frequency-dependent the signal level, and the poorer the Wi-Fi connection quality. In addition, the application can monitor the status and compare the power level received from available hotspots. It gives you a straightforward analysis of usage of the same hotspot, along with graphs showing how much data is obtained and transmitted while the network is connected.

WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks WiFi Monitor Pro: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks


  • Provide router frequency and set up to control your Wi-Fi network connection
  • Display speed expression parameters, search for connected devices faster
  • Information backup feature to easily control and detect virtual connections
  • Adblocker and optimize your device for fast and uninterrupted connection
  • Effective battery saving feature and does not take up too much space without worrying about the heavy machines.

Wi-Fi Monitor Pro v2.6.8 APK (PAID/Patched) Download

Download (3.3M)

Download (3.3M)

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