Download Tower Hero v1.11.11 MOD APK + OBB (Free Building)

Tower Hero Mod APK revolves around the battle of heroes to protect the castle from the invasion of the enemies. They will constantly appear, and you will try to build a strong defense, upgrade your strength and improve the castle’s fortification.

Tower Hero is a game where the player will be responsible for destroying any enemies that come close to your castle. The castle gate will have a different level of fortification that you will improve over time to overcome many powerful monsters. At the same time, different heroes and forces are waiting for you to recruit and increase their strength in battle.

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Tower Hero – Tower Defense


In Tower Hero, players will find for themselves a kingdom that they must protect from waves of constantly moving monsters. The ultimate goal they want is to destroy the castle’s door, so your character will stand inside and perform attacks. In addition, over time, more characters will join you and will assist you in stopping and taking down enemies as they approach.

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Players will observe the match in a 2D environment when on the left side of the screen, which is the castle’s gate, and enemies will move from the right side. You will not need to be too concerned about the control because the characters have stood in their place. So when the enemies step on their firing plate, they will attack them mercilessly. At the same time, some other characters will be able to attack directly on the front lines to buy time for key forces in the castle.

Tower Hero – Tower Defense


Each challenge will come to the player in Tower Hero through waves, and each wave will have a specific length appearing on the right side of the screen. So when your castle is not destroyed, and the enemy is almost destroyed, it will mark your wave victory. Also, the character you control is a warrior character that wields an ax and can throw it at enemies that appear on the field. In addition, this character also owns skills that are unlocked by level.

Your character will not fight alone but will work with other characters to overcome enemies that grow stronger over time. Specifically, you will be able to recruit new characters with your resources, and you will not need to control them because they can all identify enemies and attack. In addition, a supporting character also appears when you build more barracks in the area you own.

Besides protecting the castle from enemies, you also have yourself a territory to build the building you want. At the same time, some buildings will give you some troops that can be teleported into battle to support other characters. You will need to meet the conditions to unlock these characters.

Tower Hero – Tower Defense


There are many things that you will need to upgrade to face powerful enemies in Tower Hero. You will need to raise the heroes you recruit through the list. At the same time, there will be weapons that will drop from the enemy during the battle and will be able to equip your character. In addition, you will care about the heroes and the castle gate and the completely low starting HP that needs to be improved over time for it to hold up through attacks from enemies.

Challenging but equally interesting battles attract players because:

  • You will become a hero to protect the castle from the invasion of monsters of different types and strengths.
  • The number of waves you need to go through and their difficulty will also increase over time, and new enemies will appear.
  • You will be able to recruit new heroes and join you in attacking those who come within range.
  • There will be a territory where you will be able to build more buildings and recruit more forces to support the heroes and stop the enemy’s advance.
  • Players are forced to increase the characters’ strength, the resistance of the wall to overcome many powerful waves in the future.

Tower Hero v1.11.11 MOD APK + OBB (Free Building) Download

Download (117M)

Download (117M)

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